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Aqright yall have a looka this: Nothin works right since I put my phone in download mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mindbullets, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Okay, so I've had this S3 for a while now, originally it was sprint, then several months ago we converted the service to some random service outta a flea market because it was cheaper and everything still works (except SMS texts, mass texts, and pic texts). besides that I haven't done anything to it, besides give it to the Israeli security checkpoint and let them do God knows what to it in order to get through the checkpoint when I visited over there not too long ago..

    Anyway, a few hours ago I was trying to easily and quickly transfer media from my phone to my computer without the use of something like dropbox, which takes quite some time to finish transfers. My computer used to read my phone as a removable storage device at one point, and I was trying to get it to do that.

    Then I did as a forum somewhere suggested and put it in download mode (vDown, home, lock) and then plugging it in to the comp, letting it run the driver update automatically, then take the battery out once it completed to get it out of download mode, and then in theory it was supposed to read it as a storage device like it used to.

    Only it didn't.

    I still receive and get notifications for texting, snapchat, facebook and apps. I can still call, browse the web and take pictures and use facebook messaging,

    BUT texts i send and receive go through but don't show up in the message thread. Calls go through but don't show up in call log. I can't check the any snaps i get from snapchat, I can't check my facebook newsfeed, just send messages, pictures i take aren't stored anywhere in the gallery. I can't put any more music on my phone through conventional methods.
    To top it all off my computer STILL doesn't detect my phone through USB to transfer media, it just charges it.

    So in other words... iT BE brOKE WUT DO!? D;

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