Root AR direction problems with 2nd Init ROMs?


Does anyone know of a problem involving the 2nd init ROMs having trouble getting proper direction information from the sensors for augmented reality apps?

I had CM4DX installed and when I tried using the Droid Bionic Arena app, I couldn't get it to realize that I was turning the phone. I tested Google Sky Map and saw the same issure, but when I tested a compass app, it seemed to work just fine. Thinking it was just a bug in CM4DX, I flashed the latest MIUI ROM, but that had the exact same issue. I SBF'd back to .340 earlier today to test to see if it was possibly the hardware, but the AR apps work as the should with the stock ROM.

tl;dr AR apps didn't work right under CM4DX and MIUI, work fine under stock .340. Any ideas?