Apps Architectural advice needed for Android to from PC communication


Hello there :). I'm a bit in doubt as to what approach I should take when creating an application which should accomplish the following: use the USB connection between the device and the Windows-PC to display on the device's screen some information sent by an application residing on the PC. The phone should always operate in airplane mode but Android Debug Bridge works fine on it.

What I'd like to do is to write a Java Application (running on Windows) which reads from a text file and puts that information on the Android device's screen, but I don't know if there are any libraries I can use in a JDK application to achieve this.

Also, I'm not even sure if using ADB is the best option. Perhaps I could initiate communication via USB in a different way?

Please share with me your architectural advice. I would REALLY appreciate some examples or open source projects which achieve similar things. I'm a senior developer but I have very little experience with Java or Android (my background is C#/C++/ECMAScript).