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Archos 101 questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GTbrewer, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member
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    I just bought an Archos 101 Internet tablet (16GB) and have a few questions (too curious to wait). :)
    I was going to save up for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (longer term) to have a top-rate tablet to take with me
    in case cancer strikes at me again. Cancer beat me to it. But, reading the ratings, specs, etc., I really
    think I'm getting a nice tablet, either way. But there are a few things I'm curious about.

    I've got a USB drive with some videos, etc.. Will the Archos 101 play videos, mp3s, etc., off of the
    external USB drive?

    Second, some of the videos are Divx, some are Xvid. Audio on some is MP3, others AC3.. Does
    the 101 have CODECs for these?

    Third, I read in a thread here that someone's tablet has a glass display. Does the Archos have a glass
    display, or is it some type of plastic or composite? In other words, is it likely to be fragile?

    Fourth, what firmware upgrades are out there, and is there any consensus as to which is best?
    If no consensus, is there a list somewhere of which one offers what?

    Final question: is there a current or planned upgrade to Android 3.x?


    PS Two weeks from today, at 0530, I'm being admitted to the hospital for surgery to (hopefully)
    remove the cancer.

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