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Archos 5 Android is really coming along now!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CandyNJ66, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. CandyNJ66

    CandyNJ66 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey, I am new here and I got the awesome Archos 5 internet media tablet with Android. It got a lot of mixed reviews, was buggy as all get out when first released a few months ago but A LOT has changed. A lot of firmeware updates has really made the A5 IT a fantastic device!

    I love having the google marketplace on there along with AppsLib the official Android marketplace for the A5 IT and "AndAppStore" app store as well. The google store is not officially included for the device but is a hack/workaround that works very well. I only had one reboot when I first installed it.

    A dream device that has super fast web browsing, plays youtube videos, can play flash games although hit and miss and a lot of other stuff.

    I recommend it highly over the ipod touch 3g and the Zune HD. It's not a phone although it is classified as one, has GPS built in, has an airplane mode and can easily use Google Maps with street view.

    Anyone else take the plunge?

  2. Nickelbright

    Nickelbright Lurker

    Just got the Archos 5 IMT and am enjoying it. I have a little problem with the GPS maps. My 7 day free trial expired and when I try to purchase the maps fo North America through the Archos, I'm sent to a page to order in FRENCH???? Any suggestions?
  3. Ames

    Ames Lurker

    I believe Archos is a French company so it kind of makes sense even though it shouldn't do that.
  4. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Android Enthusiast

    How do you run flash on android OS?
  5. Nickelbright

    Nickelbright Lurker

    The flash (.swf) file needs to be copied and pasted to the 'Flash' folder in your Archos root diectory. Then use your file directory and navigate to the 'Flash' folder. Just tap on the file and ENJOY!
  6. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Android Enthusiast

    It is out of topic.

    Is there a tablet that has 10" touch screen, wifi, 3G cell? Any brand name.
  7. NuBiXx

    NuBiXx Lurker

  8. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Android Expert

    I think it looks good but I have heard a few bad things about that company and I hope HTC or Google come out with a tablet of their own.
  9. SEI

    SEI Newbie

    i had this for a while, its a fun toy but i hated the touchscreen.. you have to push so hard.. if it was capacitive it would have been great!
  10. geemacd

    geemacd Well-Known Member

    love my archos, use it every day, the constant firmware upgrades certainly help keep it ticking along with big fixes and upgrades.

    Hopefully 2.1 soon ???
  11. h4141

    h4141 Lurker

    archos 5 Internet Tablet Firmware Free Download

  12. Mark1433

    Mark1433 Lurker

    Yeah, me too I have a A5 and I think that it's fantastic!!! It's very easy to use, I don't use GPS at the moment but later....I don't know. However very good!!!!
  13. frankluo

    frankluo Lurker

    Just enjoy it now!

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