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Arduino/Amarino LM35 temperature regulation + simple Android

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by paxman3, Jul 6, 2013.

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    I need to create a simple temperature regulation with LM35 sensor based on Arduino and Bluetooth module, connected with Android phone. Regulation is really simple since there are only 2 logic options: if temperature on LM35 is above threshold, fan turns on in order to cool down the system. If temperature is below threshold, don't do anything.

    I have already found a program which does basically the same thing here dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76467041/LM35%20Temp%20Sensor%20Arduino%20Code.txt (except that I don't need the servo part), but it doesn't include Android application and since I have basically zero skills with Android programming, I couldn't get it done by myself.

    I've also found a program which reads temperature from LM35 here: buildcircuit.com/amarino-experiment-temperature-sensor-data-and-led-controller-on-amarino-interface/ . It already comes packed with Android Application, but unfortunately does not include any regulation.

    What I'd actually need to do is use the first program and write an app for it. App should display current temperature in degrees celsius and have input field for desired temperature.

    I believe that this is a breeze for most of you guys, but I've never been really programming before so you may imagine how difficult that is for me. I've already read some tutorials for Arduino and actually managed to get Multi Color Lamp demo project working fine but because of recent sickness and school deadline for this project, I'm in a "little" hurry now.

    May I ask for your help?

    Thanks in advance, I highly appreciate it!

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