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Are replacement batterys good quality?

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by rudders93, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. rudders93

    rudders93 Lurker
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    I'm looking to buy a second battery + battery charger for my DHD. I don't have much experience in purchasing electronics online so I was wondering if the product is likely to be of good quality (as in - will not damage my phone / will be of comparable quality to the original).

    I understand that there is no way of saying for sure, but if you've had experience buying these kind of accessories from ebay, could you give me a heads up about the product you bought? Did it work as stated (which in my case says quality tested but not original). Or should I shell out for the real product from HTC, which costs about 4 times more and doesn't come with the accessories.


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  2. dbalch

    dbalch Member

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  3. Rubixious

    Rubixious Newbie

    This space is probably more appropriate than my original post.

    I bought a "1600mAh Battery" from a Chinese seller for my Desire HD. After testing alongside my 2nd DHD (yes, I have two!), it had nearly exactly the same power output - in fact slightly less - while playing a HD video down to 10% power (HTC battery was at 16% after the same time, max brightness, nothing else running, standard OS). I put the 'slightly less' down to it being charged less times, so effectively it's the same as a 1230 standard HTC battery.

    I sent the following to the seller:

    This is the response I received:

    There was no suggestion that maybe I'd received a faulty item - apparently the seller knows his goods are fake. Unfortunately a negative rating won't do much at 40k sales. So I just put in a complaint.

    So yeah - I wouldn't be buying a replacement battery anytime soon - a portable charger might work, but that's nearly like carrying a second phone in your pocket. What I DO find is that battery consumption after the first few days of 'oooh-I-got-a-super-duper-new-phone' is generally fine enough to last at least a day. I get 10+ hours of non-stop music from my phone while at work ... obviously it'll always depend on your usage but keeping a charge-cable at work, in your car, and at home, and just whacking charge every time you think you might need it...
  4. dragon84

    dragon84 Newbie

    i've purchased the 1800mah andida battery for $10 and it lasts me for the whole day. i couldnt compare it to the original battery though as i have bought all the stuff i needed first extended battery and otterbox case so i havent used the original battery b4. so just to let every one know i unplug my phone at 6.30 (when i wake up) and charge it up at around 10 in the night. During the day i'll check my emails, facebook, 15min-ish or more on game dev story and some web browsing. So to me i think some are.

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