Jul 17, 2013
When i am trying to change the rom of my gt s5830i with the sgs2 styled rom. it says installation aborted.status 0.please any one give me a link where i found perfect rom for gt s5830i
No, except for the name and looks, they are not same at all. They have a totally different hardware inside, especially the motherboard. You cannot use roms and mods built for S5830 onto S5830i, it can cause damage to your device.

I don't know about any SGS 2 rom for the ACEi but there is an SGS 3 styled rom available for the S5830i device.

If you visit xda-developers where most of these roms are released and developed, you will see separate sections for S5830 and S5830i devices, that is because they have a different chipset in them.
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