Are there apps that do these things?


Hello there! I've been trying, without much success, to find apps (or make them work) for the following things that I'd like my Android phone to do for me. I would like to ask you to enlighten me with your knowledge.

1. Radio alarm clock. I have a classic radio alarm clock, but depending on various random factors such as where I stand in the apartments or which day it is, the waves don't come in very well. So I thought it would be great if I could give my phone this task.

I found AlarmDroid, which seemed very good, but I was not able to give it the right URL for my station's Internet stream, or so it seems. It always said it was unable to read the media and gave me a beeping alarm instead.

So could you please help me either find an app that works better or the right URL to give the app for the radio stream to work?

If it helps, I recently found an app, tfsRadio Canada, which was the first one I found was able to play that station. But it was increadibly laggy and skipped a ton, so I uninstalled it.

The station I listen the most to is: NRJ 94.5. It's streamed here: NRJ
I also like to listen to that one sometimes, if it's not too much work: Rouge FM 96.9. It's streamed here:
96,9 Rouge fm :: Player

Please help!

2. Is there a way to have an offline local phone booth on my phone I can search in?

3. Is it possible to make it so that when my screen is locked, I don't have to slide my finger on the screen to unlock it, wait for the home screen to load, and only then be able to slide down the status bar / notification tray? To be able to slide it down directly?

4. Can I have my Hotmail/ messages directly synced on my phone, correctly? I tried the official Hotmail app, but it kept forgetting my account and settings and losing my mail. And even if it didn't, navigating between folders was so very unpractical. I tried the Email app as well, but it only synced my inbox, whereas my emails are carefully and automatically sorted in various folders.

5. Is it possible to have different locales depending on the app? For many things, I'm quite a lot more comfortable with French. But with others (including Android itself and the Calendar app), due to habit and/or bad translations, I definitely prefer English. My phone is set to English right now, and as a result, the vast majority of apps are automatically in English. Can I set each app individually?

6. My phone has free wi-fi for students. However, it has an annoying system. You have to enter your student code and password to log in and access the network, every time, in a browser window that appears. Not only that. It seems to forbid browsers to remember form information from that page, so we have to type in those codes each time. Last but not least, there's a time limit on the connection. Every 15 (?) minutes or so, it closes your connection and asks you for your ID and password again.

This is truly, truly annoying. Is there a way to automate this, so that my phone enters the information for me, and logs me in automatically whenever I activate wi-fi in that area?