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Are there enough apps for this tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kronie, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. kronie

    kronie Member
    Thread Starter

    I have been drooling over this tablet and still plan on getting it but I am concerned that there aren't enough android tablet apps out there. Are my concerns valid? I know little about tablet specific android applications. I have an android phone and can find everything I need on the market now.

    Those that have this tablet, are you satisfied with your app possibilities?

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  2. theandies

    theandies Android Enthusiast

  3. golfernut78

    golfernut78 Well-Known Member

    i wanted to be able to play angry birds on a bigger screen, so yes, i am very satisfied.

    in all seriousness, i wanted the tablet to be able watch movie while traveling (which i do a lot), be able to check e-mails on something more than my phone, but not have to carry my laptop with me all the time, and to be able to review drawings (i am an architect). so far, so good.

    in addition, i went with the prime because of the micro and sd card slots. my wife got a dslr camera for christmas that uses sd cards and now we can take photos and then view then right there on the tablet. this will be great for vacations where we want a computer but not haul around one of our laptops.

    i guess this doesn't really answer the question of are there enough apps, but that really is a question for yourself and what you want to do and expect to do with this or any tablet.
  4. kronie

    kronie Member
    Thread Starter

    I am asking YOU to tell ME what you think.

    Honestly, looking around the market I dont see many tablet apps. I see phone apps than might work on a tablet, and a few tablet specific apps but its looks like a ghost town compared to the thousands and thousands of tablet specific iPad apps.
  5. kronie

    kronie Member
    Thread Starter

    I am not looking for anything too specialized. My only concern is that the apps I want and use seem to be more phone specific. Maybe they scale just fine on the pad? Well see...

    Beautiful widgets
    Cool reader
    Astro file manager
    Power amp
    A torrent program
    Widget locker
    Convert pad
    Office pro
  6. Zebulon

    Zebulon Android Enthusiast

    The VAST majority of apps will run on both phones and tablets just fine. I think I can probably count on both hands how many "phone" apps I have run into that don't work on my tablet. Almost everything works both ways. It's true that there aren't as many tablet-specific apps, but there are a lot, and that number is growing.

    It is also worth noting that many developers package two versions of an app into one program. That way you can get both the phone and tablet version in one download. Plume, HD Widgets and Google+ all do this.
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  7. theandies

    theandies Android Enthusiast

    Go buy an iPad then.

    So there are not a lot of Android apps specifically made for tablets. I don't care. There has not been a phone app that has not worked on the Prime yet. I consider all apps on the market for phones and tablets.
  8. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    Bottom line: I have yet to come across an app that I need that doesn't run just fine on my Transformer. Some are tablet-optimized and lovely, some are not and their interfaces aren't as pretty (but they're perfectly functional), and some are stretched and downright ugly (but they still work).

    The whole "no apps for Honeycomb" meme is tiring and exaggerated. I can't wait for ICS to be released and devs start opening up the floodgates.
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  9. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    That's why I wanted it. I just wish there were some way to transfer pix from sd to Prime without also getting the dock.
  10. golfernut78

    golfernut78 Well-Known Member

    use microsd cards with the sd adapter in the camera, and then pop the microsd out and put in the tablet. thats what we are doing.
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  11. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    I guess I can do that. I just have a bunch of fast sd cards that I use for my different cameras.

    Never a perfect solution. :)
  12. ryguy5254

    ryguy5254 Member

    You can use Airdroid to transfer files.
  13. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    Airdroid is great, but won't help me with getting the pix off my sd card when no pc around. Thanks though.
  14. rsmin

    rsmin Well-Known Member

    As fast as apps, I have a slew of them and right now almost everyone of them look great on this tablet.
  15. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Android Expert

    You can use the Tablet Market app to see specific Honeycomb & Tablet apps:

    Might be of use along the way kronie. :)
  16. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    If the destination isn't a PC, then what is?
  17. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    I want to get them from my camera sd card to my Prime. When I travel, I do a daily backup of my pictures. I used to do it onto my laptop. Now I'll need to choose among several costly workarounds to get them onto the Prime.

    When I get home, I put them onto my PC.
  18. kronie

    kronie Member
    Thread Starter

    I dont follow. Can you just remove the micro SD from the camera and insert into the prime to copy the files?
  19. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    My cameras use regular sd cards and I already have a bunch of class 10 so I'd rather not go out and buy new micro sd cards.

    I'll probably end up getting the dock so I can transfer that way. I was trying to avoid the extra expense of buying the dock, plus the weight of bringing it with me when I travel.
  20. jonalisa

    jonalisa Newbie

    I have been shopping the market for a few days now, looking at anything that interests me. I have not come across any that did not say it will work on the Prime. (If you are not browsing using the Prime, you probably don't see that message.)
    BTW, I downloaded Dropbox today and Gmail came installed.
  21. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried using Tablified? It's an app that find the tablet-optimized apps in the Market.
  22. mooshu47

    mooshu47 Newbie

    Eye-Fi SD cards can copy straight from your camera to android devices. (Also to PC, phone, iPad, cloud, etc. It's an SD card with built-in Wi-Fi.)

    Set up Direct Mode for Android | Eye-Fi Support
  23. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    Thanks, I've seen those and that's another solution that costs a lot of money. Of course I will need the most expensive card, to handle raw images. :rolleyes:

    Getting my Prime today, then I'll wait a bit to make a decision.

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