Are US Nexus users having Signal Issues (GSM)


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I wanted to get an idea if people who have imported their phones are having similar issues to those of us with Verizon. I am not saying all Verizon phones are, but enough are that this is an issue. I personally want to keep my phone but my data connection is not consistent. Any AT&T folks having problems? Also, what speeds are you seeing on AT&T?

Thanks for the input. I am trying to see if this is a Verizon or Samsung issue.


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I only have data issues at work, but the iphone I used, the Galaxy S II I used all had the same issue at my work.

I never have issues with actually signal and making calls is great. I just bought my Aunt this phone, and she told me yesterday she is loving it, so I assuming she is having no issues with it so far.


I have t-mobile. I have signal issues with my nexus prime as well. it drops calls and loses signal indoors frequently. I am disappointed with my upgrade from Nexus One :(


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I'm on AT&T just outside the DC/Baltimore area, and I have had no problems. Speed-wise I average 6-8 MBPS down, and 2-3 MBPS up (Same as my Atrix 4G after AT&T finally allowed it to have HSUPA access).