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Are you going to use a case and/or screen protector?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Donatron, Feb 18, 2011.


What are you putting on your phone?

  1. Case Only

    20 vote(s)
  2. Case & Screen Protector

    45 vote(s)
  3. Screen Protector Only

    10 vote(s)
  4. Neither

    21 vote(s)
  1. Donatron

    Donatron Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm kinda on the fence as to what I'm going to put on my phone. I usually go naked with just a screen protector. But the whole Gorilla Glass has got me considering going without a protector. And then I saw that the Incipio feather is coming out for the Atrix, and I'm a huge fan of that case. My wife has one on her iPhone, and it's the only case that I've actually ever liked. But then there's to likeliness that I won't be able to use the car mount with the case on.

    What are your guys' plans?


  2. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    I would say neither because I like the phone's design (and I might run it naked just because of that) but I have ordered the Commuter case from Otterbox and am tempted to pick up those anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protectors...
  3. Donatron

    Donatron Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have the anti-glare protector on my Inspire. I'm not a fan. It adds a grainy texture that affects the color and clarity of the screen. But it definitely does prevent fingerprints.
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  4. zizo79

    zizo79 Android Enthusiast

    Definitely, a Speck case !!
  5. jessie1290

    jessie1290 Newbie

    I picked up a Speck case at my AT&T store yesterday, I liked the idea of the anti-glare protector, but not if it adds grainy texture. I'll wait and see on that.
  6. Juijin

    Juijin Newbie

    I going for screen protector only. I need to be able to carry it in my pocket so a case will be too big.
  7. qcom

    qcom Well-Known Member

    I think cases ruin the designs of high-end cellphones. It kind of removes the way it was intended to look. Unless the case is really cool, I always roll without a case.

    I usually use a screen protector but I'm going without one for the Atrix at least initially just because I think its qHD display will look excellent.
  8. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

    I'm going with the screen protector and my current blackberry belt case. (I hope the Atrix will fit.) I have a backflip now and have a screen protector. I really like it a lot and you have to really look at the edges to see that it's installed. Screen responsiveness is very good and it doesn't effect screen brightness that much.
  9. Fieryavenger

    Fieryavenger Lurker

    Any case out there that will allow the atrix to be docked with laptop dock?
  10. RussellMania

    RussellMania Newbie

    I picked up a cheap leather case off of amazon last night, but I am thinking about getting the Otterbox Defender. I sometimes work on construction sites so, I might need maximum protection on those days. I want to get a good look at it first though.
  11. redrider67

    redrider67 Android Enthusiast

    I ordered the Otterbox rubber case for mine should be here next week. I have a Speck for my Iphone and when I checked for a Speck case for the Atrix couldn't find anything.

    I prefer just the rubberized case, my Iphone fell off my motorcycle last year about 50MPH and the case kept the screen and phone safe.

    Be glad to rid myself of the Iphone to!!!!!!!
  12. Donatron

    Donatron Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    On the Premier site, they had the Speck case available when you pre-order the phone. They'll likely have it in stores eventually.
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  13. redrider67

    redrider67 Android Enthusiast

    I'll see if I can pick one up! Really happy with the Speck on my iPhone I like how it has a lip around the screen to keep it protected.
  14. Dmalone

    Dmalone Newbie

    I have been doing full Ghost Body Armor. Right now I have it on my iPhone. I love the texture that it adds so it doesn't feel like your phone is just going to slip out of your hand and it maintains the look of the phone. My wife had a case on her iPhone and I could never get used to how bulky cases were after I started doing Ghost Armor. She eventually decided she didn't like having cases any more either.
  15. Lason

    Lason Newbie

    Ill run a screen protector and invisishield from BSE as soon as they come out with one.
  16. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Member

    I don't usually do cases. I'm holding out to see how fragile the device seems in person. The Speck CandyShell looks good but I had one for my iPhone 4 and it caused flash/camera problems so I had to return it. Anyone have anything to report about how well it compares?
  17. ROCer

    ROCer Well-Known Member

    I always used a screen protector so I'll definitely be putting one on. I'll also try out a case but I may or may not keep it. Depending how well it works with the docks, feels in my pocket, etc.
  18. dhend25

    dhend25 Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been using mobile phones for the last 10 years. I've always used a belt type case to carry my phones. I'm wondering how you guys can carry these phones naked in your pockets without them looking like junk after a few weeks? I would like to carry mine that way but am afraid to make the plunge. Any tips on how best to do this would be appreciated!

    Also, from lurking around the forums for the past few years, it sounds like you guys get new phones every few months. How can you afford to do that without the new line or uprade discount? These things cost upwards of $600 w/o the discounts. Are you just buying them w/o the discounts or is there some trick or workaround to this?

    Sorry for the long post on two questions, but any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. By the way I'm looking at either the Atrix or the Bionic as my next phone. I'm currently on AT&T with the iphone 3G, but my contract is up and I can move to any carrier I want.

    Thanks! DH
  19. k00ey

    k00ey Member

    I plan on getting a case + screen protector for the Atrix. Usually I go with just a skin from either BSE or ZAGG. If I ever do get tired of using a case I'll eventually go back to my normal full body invisible shield.

    I personally carry my phone separate in my front left pocket with my screen facing in-ward. Had an LG Dare for almost 2 years, when I sold it after the long use, it was still in basically perfect condition. All I had protecting it was an invisible shield. If you aren't into using a full case or gel type, I highly recommend them. Of course it doesn't protect from a drop but just make sure you're careful with a device like that at all times and you should be fine
  20. dhend25

    dhend25 Member

    Thanks "k00ey" for the helpful advice on phone carry. DH
  21. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast

    Neither... I like my phones like i like my women, black and naked.
  22. saigon

    saigon Member

    I'm going with just screen protector. Cases ruin phone's natural beauty lol
  23. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Member

    I usually carry mine without a case but I don't put it in my pocket unless I'm wearing a coat/jacket. I haven't had a scratch yet and my phones look like new.

    I have a family plan with 5 lines so sometimes I use the extra lines for an upgrade. Otherwise I just sell the phone on eBay prior to buying the new phone and purchase at full price. If I get a subsidized price I come out on top. I've been buying phones more like ever 1-2 months lately and haven't had to come up with much extra money. The Atrix is probably going to be the one I stick with for awhile now though I'm officially due for an upgrade on a few lines in a couple of months :eek:.
  24. DT

    DT Android Expert


    *high e-five*

    I generally don't like screen protectors, because for me, they change the tactile feel/resistance a little too much.

    For a case, I like something that add a little protection to I can set the phone down on a table, or in my center console, but that adds as little extra bulks as possible.

    I really dig on the "soft touch" type synthetics, like rubber, but not sticky, help with he grip, but don't attract lint. Like the Incipio on the wife's iP4 or the Seidio case on my Captivate.

    I read somewhere else the Incipio is available on AT&T's site, but I can't find it[?] Love the feather model which is what is supposed to be offered for the Atrix!
  25. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast

    Yeah the feather is available on the premier site.
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