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Are you upset about the Sprint Premier changes?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by tqlla, Feb 23, 2011.


Are you upset that Sprint took our annual upgrade away

  1. I am not upset that Sprint removed an advertised plan benefit.

  2. I am upset, Sprint took away a benefit that was advertised when I joined.

  1. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Like a lot of EVO Owners I joined Sprint in June/2010. One of the reasons I joined was the Annual Sprint Premier Upgrade. That was I could get the new hot phone every year, and sell my old one to recover most of the cost.

    With the recent Sprint Premier changes, many of us will not qualify for the annual upgrade. Sprint will not allow us to use the advertised upgrade even one time.

    Am I the only one upset about this?

    *Please, only vote if you no longer qualify for the annual upgrade.


  2. zadillo

    zadillo Newbie

    Not upset per se, but certainly it's one less reason for me to remain specifically loyal to Sprint, and more likely to be willing to switch to Verizon if the right phone comes along. Not sure how much money they'll be saving through this, but it's a perk that would have made me much more likely to remain a Sprint customer than I am now.
  3. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    Between this and the only two options you created, it's pretty much biased so far that this is nothing more than a whiny bitching thread in the making!
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  4. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    I agree...

    I'm not happy about losing my yearly upgrade but I've been with sprint a lot longer than the premiere program has been around so it wasn't advertised when I joined. With the lack of a correct option in the pole I had to vote that I was happy about it and they could change my plan when ever they wanted to.

    Like anyone is going to vote like that and actually mean it.

    Way to make a poll worthless.
  5. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast


    If they changed terms, you can leave Sprint without cancellation fees...correct?
  6. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Android Expert

    I would bet that the Evo was part of their decision to change premier.
  7. joehornback

    joehornback Well-Known Member

    Well I for one agree with this pole. I was a long time ATT customer who switched to Sprint for the cost of their plans, and the upgrade factor. I swallowed the extra $10 per month for 4g, even though it's not available in my area, because I still come out ahead than I was with ATT, and the upgrade was a big driver too. Now, as with the original poster, I am not able to take advantage of this service not even once. To me it's the old bait and switch routine... Shame on you Sprint!
  8. flatlander

    flatlander Well-Known Member

    I have been with Nextel/Sprint for more than 10 years, the premier gold was not here at the start, it was a perk given to me. It was never a contractual item in my mind, it was never the reason I came, it will not be the reason I leave (when I do). It is and was a gift from S/N. If you don't like the game pay the ETF and get out. If you like the service Stay.
  9. PapaNoHair

    PapaNoHair Member

    yes but as mentioned above it was not there when I started with Sprint and besides: my same plan with either Verizon or AT&T would cost a lot, lot more. Additionally it reflects Sprint is doing better financially and that is good - I did not want to see them go out of business.
  10. angldvl81

    angldvl81 Android Expert

    the annual upgrade going away doesnt bother me now that i have the fabulous EVO. i've been with Sprint for 9 years and since it wasnt an option then it doesnt affect me now. Sprint, by far, still has the best plans out there and that is enough to keep me a loyal customer

    also, next year i will automatically move up to the Gold tier so i get all the normal benefits back. i'm sure i'll have the EVO til then
  11. UCChemE05

    UCChemE05 Newbie

    Is there a listing of what the actual discounts will be and timeframes for eligability? I've read some conflicting information on this and haven't really kept up with it.
  12. Selvune

    Selvune Lurker

    Check out this link

    Sprint Premier Gold and Silver | FAQ

    Shows all the details as well as some Q/A about the program
  13. SamXp

    SamXp Android Enthusiast

    Horse dookie. This was the number one ranked benefit by customers in the previous S|P plan???
  14. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Unless you qualify for the Sprint Premier Gold(10 year customer or $90 base ind plan or $170 base family plan). ON april 1st, your upgrade date will be pushed 22 months from your last phone purchase/upgrade

    Example. If your annual upgrade is March 2011, if you dont upgrade by April 1, your upgrade is pushed to 22 months.... Jan 2012.
  15. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If you didnt lose your annual upgrade, then why would the poll apply to you?

    Why would I make more than 2 options? You are either
    a) upset that Sprint took the advertised upgrade from you.
    b) NOT upset that Sprint took the advertised benefit from you.

    If they didnt take the perk from you.... the poll doesnt apply
  16. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree definately agree with that. The fact that they wont even let us use it even once... really upsets me. I have been calling their retentions.
  17. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch!

    This was a perk, it was never part of a contract with Sprint, and you originally had to have an unlimited plan to get the early renewal. At some point they added the lower plans and I am guessing it was not a profitable decision so they went back to what it originally was. This was a bad customer service decision on Sprints part, but you can bet it is going to have a positive effect on their bottom line or it would not have been done. They seem to be doing everything they can to prevent capping data usage and the changes have to come from somewhere else.

    No, this will not qualify you for early termination since it was a perk. If you really don't like the decision you are free to leave once your term is up or pay your etf, but where are you going to find a plan that offers what you get for the price you get?
  18. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    I qualify for S|P because I'm been with Sprint for over 10 years. I don't see a problem with them changing their policy. Here's why:

    Before the launch of the Evo, Sprint wasn't doing so well. The Evo was a huge break for them. For the first time, they gained customers. And now they continue to do so. What that means is that more and more customers are using a LOT of data. To keep up with the demand (and they have), they have to improve their infrastructure. That costs money.

    You want good service? Expect to pay more for it. There's no getting around this. I'm personally sick of people claiming the $10 fee is for 4G. It's a tax on phones that have the capability of using a shitload of data. That's why that fee is now applying to all smartphones. It was never tied to 4G and Sprint never claimed that it was.

    Actually I'm happy with Sprint's decision regarding the new S|P policies. The people that truly deserve perks are the long-time customers. We're the ones that historically have been ineligible for awesome deals targeting new customers.

    In summary: quit your bitching. If you're unhappy, move to another carrier, where you'll find something else to bitch about.
  19. bizarrogreg

    bizarrogreg Member

    You very much pigeon holed people into selecting an answer that is just supporting your opinion.

    By using the statement "They can change my plan whenever they want" you made that option semi not valid. Had you used the 2 options in your above quote, it would have been fine. You have to stick to simple options if you wish to make a good poll.

    It's like one of my favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes about a misleading Job application question...

    Have you ever tried water, or PCP? Y/N
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  20. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sprint lost around 5 million post paid customers from 2005-2010
    In 2010, SPRINT gained 58 thousand post paid customers. "Great success! lets change all our plans and remove the perks that attracted new customers here. "

    If thats Sprints attitude, I doubt they will continue to gain customers.
  21. flyfish1

    flyfish1 Newbie

    I think I've been with Sprint 8-9 years but my family plan exceeds $200.00 per month. Does this put me in the premier with Sprint based on my monthly bill exceeding $200.00 per month? Only reason I ask is I just got a new Evo two weeks ago (I was due for an upgrade) and my next eligibilty is 12/11/12 so it says?
  22. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch!

    Novox, originally it was tied to 4G and it only applied to the Evo since it was the first 4g phone, later it applied to the other 4G phones that came out. I no longer have the piece of paper, but it was put in print by Sprint. It was only later that it was changed to a "smartphone data surcharge".
  23. bizarrogreg

    bizarrogreg Member

    I believe the SP program upgrades you to the Gold package if you are on the base plan that is $169.99 per month with 3000 minutes, not the 129.99 per month plan with 1500 minutes, which is likely what you are on.

    Also on an individual base plan of 89.99 with the 900 minutes, but not the 69.99 with 450.
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  24. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So you are saying..... I should change the first option to
    a) I am not upset, Sprint can change my advertised plan benefits.

    Either way, you are giving Sprint a pass for negatively changing your plan, halfway through your contract. If you roll over for this, more changes will come. Remember when the Premium Data fee was just for 4G Phones.... that went over so well, Sprint passed it on to all smartphones.

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