Root aria wont show Htboot


I Installed the hboot drivers and everything. It wont show the hbootusb to click on when in recovery. it just reboots back to normal. then it tries again and boots into recovery, since i cant enable the hboot it just reboots untill i shut off the reflash program. Ive tried on windows vista 64, and windows vista 32 bit both same deal also tried the linux live disc. still no go.

any suggestions or other ways to root?


EDIT: ok finally got it to work. even tho it rebooted into normal and i let it reboot a couple more times on its own and it did finally work.

So for those in the same boat if it does the same think just let it reboot on its own a couple times. Dont worry about trying to select that hboot usb. i didnt have one either.

Good Luck