Arrange Appdrawer screens


I've messed around with Launchers and settled with Go Launcher EX.

I'm rearranging my appdrawer, and want to sort my apps after type, eg. Apps, News, Games etc., and have them each on their own page.

However, when I drag the icons to a different page, it automatically "fills up" the other icons up to that point.

What I'd like, is individual pages, not just a long list of icons. Kind of like this:

Page 1; 5 apps
Page 2; 10 apps
Page 3; 7 apps and so on..

Can't this be done ?
I've searched around, but haven't been able to find anything..

Alternatively I'd had to use some "dummy" programs with blank icons, to use as "spacers". I dont know how to make them either though.