ARRRGGG Bluetooth Gamepads!!


I have been researching why bluetooth controllers dont work on htc desire (or apparently any htc with the sense UI) and havent had any joy on resolving this problem short of rooting my phone, which im just too scared to do :). Apparently there is a controller that would work called a zeemote but ave read all over the net people are having problems getting this connected aswell. I even e-mailed htc themselves and this is the reply I got:

Thank you very much for your email and the feedback you have provided. Unfortunatly bluetooth gamepads are not currently supported for our devices because of the Protocol that they use to connect to devices. Although future updates may provide this service to you.

Bit of a crappy answer and doesnt really give any indication as to why it is a problem, why they cant do it when other android phones can and when they are goinjg to sort it out.

Starting to get really annoyed with not being able to play games properly on my phone coz touch screen isnt really good enuff. If anyone knows a way round this and has got a bluetooth controller working, please let me know.


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Bluetooth is a suite of protocols, and on a given stack you don't always get all of them supported. This is by design - there'd be little point in building a bluetooth mouse that had to be able to receive a fax. There's a list of them here - Bluetooth profile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For a device to work with another, they both have to support a common profile. Eg, if you pair a phone with an in-car Bluetooth system then you might be able to make hands-free calls but not stream music through the stereo. This is because although both devices support HFP or HSP for hands-free phone usage, one end or the other doesn't support A2DP which is the profile required for stereo audio.

I'm no expert, but I expect that for games controllers to work you'd require the HID profile. If that profile isn't implemented in the Android Bluetooth stack, it's not going to work. (whether it is or not, or what's planned for the future, I have no idea)


Yeah I'm wanting a joypad for my Desire too. Just got the Froyo update on T-Mobile which installed a load of uninstallable German apps on it. I'm tempted to root, but I really don't want to brick my phone or invalidate my warranty.