Having sung the praises of my Tab2 (except for the printing) I have now been firmly bitten in the a##!
Suddenly and without reason DHCP has stopped working one one of my two installed wifi networks. The network in question (the usual one) is flawless with other laptops and my ipad but will only now work on my Tab with a static IP.
If I log onto my other wifi network DHCP with the Tab is fine......makes no sense unless my first network (the usual one) has suddenly decided that it will not use DHCP with my Tab, or my Tab has decided that it will not recognise the network under DHCP.
Now the biting genius decided to reset the Tab having assumed that the automatic backup/restore was working as it should. Now I have had to re-install all my apps and configure everything and I have a thick black bar at the bottom of the screen that was not there before and when I press a key on the keyboard instead of a nice big icon of the pressed key jumping up to let me know my big fingers have the right key I get nothing until I see it on the screen. (IOS all is forgiven).....


Found the text "bubble" it is a feature of the standard text input in settings....and the screen wallpaper is now as it should be (top to bottom) ....I was using an image instead of actual wallpaper (the image gets cropped automatically so you do not get a "full" screen)

Further update....
Cured DHCP problem. I had to change the IP of the router from to in other words create a brand new subnet. That meant all the other devices had to obtain new leases on that network including the Tab. That worked, which meant as I thought that it was not a Tab problem. I next reset the router IP back to (default) and lo and behold everything including the Tab obtained new DHCP leases. So.....the (rare according to TP-Link) problem was that the router would not release the old lease to the Tab and allow it to get a new one without completely clearing the "memory" of the router. Hope that helps someone else.