Ask the experts again

Ok once again turning to the experts on this forum again.
Before I load TSF Launcher, my mail apps, and taptalk, facebook, etc.
All them use to show if I had a notification, like a 1 or 2 etc over the app. But now since I loaded the TSF launcher, the apps don't show anything, my mail is not checking for new mail etc. If I don't open the app I don't know if there is anything new. Or if I don't pull down from top of phone screen to see what notices I have.
If I just unlock my phone and look at the apps on the screen, there is nothing showing that I have mail, on messenger or anything.
I really like the TSF launcher, and don't want to use the one that came with the phone. Is there anything I can do?
Or is there another launcher out there, like or better then TSF?

Thanks in advance


Smoke me a kipper...
And whether you get notification badges, and what form they take, is a feature of the launcher. Check the launcher settings, though as others have said I'd personally not allow anything by the data-mining company called Cheetah Mobile on my devices.