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ASTRO File Manager: Single best file manager for Android OS', period.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Katokal, Jun 8, 2010.

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    The ASTRO File Manager by the developer: Metago, is by far the single best file management application on the Android Market. There's virtually nothing you can't do with this app! It's coming jam-packed with features such as complete file management (including the ability to fully edit your files), network management (WiFi and Bluetooth, with corresponding add-ons), a task killer, and a complete back-up utility.

    Starting off, the application comes preset with an extremely user friendly interface. The icons are clearly labeled across the scrolling ribbon bar at the top. Is there something you don't see on the top bar? Not a problem, simply hit your options/menu button on your Android handset and you have the additional options such as the ability to access the tools, which include the application manager and back-up utilities, how your SD card space is being used, and the task killer. Also on this other menu are the options to add a new folder, as well as the ability to set and organize your bookmarks for your favorite file locations.

    Now let's say that you're not aesthetically pleased with the way that the ASTRO File Manager looks right out of the digital box. Right on the menu ribbon you can change the view; or you can go directly into the preferences button at the top, then either the "Look and Feel" or "Toolbar Preferences" will have you completely customizing your view until you're satisfied.

    Also located inside these preferences are some interesting features. You can enable your browser to be able to download any file type (no more prohibited downloading!). Perhaps you just want to clear your internal cache, no problem, just hit the button! Even more so, let's say that you're feeling daring and want to change what programs handle what file extensions. Well, that's an easy fix! You have an option to COMPLETELY CONTROL this in your preferences. There is no file extension left behind! You can even make a new extension for your own custom files that you have developed using the Android SDK! Have I mentioned how amazing this application is yet?

    Again, right on the ribbon menu is a button for enabling you to select multiple files and edit them how you see fit! Whether that's simply moving them to another folder, deleting them, or archiving them with the BUILT-IN ZIP FUNCTION. Another icon on this ribbon is the search button, very much akin to the search functionality we can find in any of our personal computers OS'! Awesome, simply awesome.

    Moving right along to other types of phone management, ASTRO File Manager allows you to edit your WiFi and Bluetooth network transmissions by simply downloading some accompanying add-ons (ASTRO SMB and ASTRO Bluetooth, respectively). Through the use of these add-ons you can micro manage everything either one of those network interfaces are doing at any given time. I can't think of any other file manager that allows you to do this without having your phone rooted.

    So now let's say you've edited your interface, completely manipulated your phones file structure, even added a few extensions and files of your own. Or maybe you've just accidentally deleted some files, but now you're wondering... "How do I recover from this?" Well, ASTRO File Manager has you covered. If you've saved a back-up using the back-up utility, you can have your phone back to normal in just a few seconds.

    The bottom line here is, whether you're phone is rooted or not, this application is a MUST HAVE for ANY user who wants to completely control their phone. From basic to advanced users, no one is left out due to complex menus, convoluted icons, or a misleading interface. This application delivers file management and more in a simple, concise, and user-friendly way, as an amazing application should be. Kudos to Metago!



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