Jul 21, 2010
For a laptop replacement - intending to use this thing for writing and general shenanigans. Which tablet should I take? Currently leaning toward the eee - just went to a store & played with both tablets, and the Toshiba's screen is kind of dull vs that of the eee, but otherwise, I dunno.

Tell me, oh wise internet wise people.

Edit: Yes, I know about the Transformer's keyboard dock, but is it really worth the money? I'm thinking I'll get the eee but not the dock, and then just buy a bluetooth keyboard and some kind of kickstand/case thing.

Edit (again): Bah, now I'm thinking about the Iconia. It's as good as the Asus, but has a full-sized USB port.

Decisions, decisions.
The Asus Transformer is a great choice. Don't bother getting a BT keyboard as the Transformer keybo will give you a total (with your tablet battery) of 18hrs approx battery life, protection for the screen when folded, a full sized SD card slot and adjustable viewing angles. I'd have a Transformer myself but 2 bad quality issues in a row swayed me from trying a 3rd. The bezel and glass was seperating on the 1st one and the back didn't fit right on the 2nd one I received.

Using a Motorola Xoom atm and so far, its the best tablet I've used. It updated to the latest Honeycomb version as soon as I logged in and the build quality is excellent.