Asus memo pad pin locked android 4.2 any help


Hi i have a Asus memo pad pin locked android 4.2 i have done adb pull sdcard and tried to do
adb shell rm -r /data/system/password.key
adb shell rm -r /data/system/gesture.key
but it says permissions denied.
any help on unlocking


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
yep as @Dannydet said, you can't get the pin code that way. you do not have access to read and write onto the will need to root the device in order for those adb commands to work. but most root methods will delete data. if you forgot your pin then you will need to do a hard reset.

.....or get a new device.


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Hi thanks for the reply I have rooted the device but the superuser prompt lights up the screen but I can't accept it due to the lock.