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I hope you can give me some idea of what might be wrong. I have a friends Asus Transformer (ft101) with dock, and the tablet i obviously "dead". It won't charge and it won't turn on no matter how long I hold the power button.
The battery seems to charge in the dock (led turned green after a while), so I disassembled the dock and connected the battery with the also disassembled tablet to test if the problem is a dead battery. But it still seems completely dead. My friend told me, that it all of a sudden didn't work anymore.
Any suggestion what it might be? I will test the CMOS-battery, but would that cause it to seem dead?
Suggestions what to do or try would be highly appreciated. :)
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PS: I'm completely new here, so I hope I'm doing things ok? :D

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If the device charges but doesn't hold that charge then the battery might be shot, your only option is either to replace it yourself or send it back to the manufacturer and get a new battery from them.


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Hi. Thank you for your response. The tablet is completely dead. Nothing happens no matter what button I press, and no life sign either if I charge it. No light anywhere. I just wonder if it can be something else than the battery? No warranty left. :(

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Hmm well it seems like the device can charge it's just the battery isn't holding it, so again I really think your only option is to just either try and get a replaceable battery, or get ahold of ASUS about how much the repair cost would be.


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Hmmm, Posting here in the forums may help. Android Ninja's will be able to assist you better here.
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