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asus transformer Kicks butt

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dodgeis4me, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. dodgeis4me

    dodgeis4me Newbie
    Thread Starter

    cant wait to make ipad eat it!!!!:D

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  2. coolbone

    coolbone Well-Known Member

    I am so excited for the Xform to come out. I think about the Xoom crisis that motorola's been going through. But ASUS has had the price pinned down and the release dates pretty squared away since CES. ASUS totally wins at this point. They're also easily the most innovative company out there right now.

    Why do the companies keep shunning ASUS so much?

    Btw, (they make excellent monitors)
  3. Teegunn

    Teegunn Android Expert

    I'm very excited about the asus tabs also. Can't wait til we get more info trickling down about them.
  4. last

    last Lurker

  5. juzcallmeneo

    juzcallmeneo Newbie

    I'm buying an Eee Slate, and one of the Eee Pads. I think the reason the other companies have been..not quite for Asus is because Asus is Apple's primary manufacturer. I like the Transformer as well, having the choice between going with or without a keyboard. That, and the 16 Hours on battery when it's docked in.

    Recently updated my Tablet Comparison Chart:

    Let me know if I need to make any changes
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  6. thenew3

    thenew3 Android Enthusiast

    Hope they release it soon!
  7. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    I'm definitely keeping my eye on the Transformer if I do decide to get a tablet. It would be between this and the Toshiba tablet but laptop dock puts the Transformer ahead for me. Can't complain about the price either, much better bargain than the Xoom.
  8. coolbone

    coolbone Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The fact that it's a budget tablet but not "no frills kind" makes it an incredibly sweet deal. I mean, it's a notebook when it's not just a tablet, how cool is that?!

    I like having options. That's my main draw to Android. Having an iPad has been "cool" and it's definitely a status symbol. But I need a table to do work. The iPad does not facilitate much of my work. My android phone has. I just wish it had a bigger screen :-D.

    Can't wait.

    The only thing that bugs me is that none of the powerhouse Honeycomb android tablets that I can be productive on have the 4:3 screen I like. It's the only thing that makes me hesitate. I read music off of my tablet much of the day. the 9.7" XGA is just barely big enough. Using widescreen resolutions thins the viewing by just enough to make it problematic. Sigh...
  9. NatesMom

    NatesMom Member

    Got to sample the Asus EEE Slate when a co-worker brought his in.

    What was a nice little feature I wasn't expecting was the stylus support. Played around with the graphic app. Touch screen was OK responding; the stylus was even better. And here I thought HTC was doing something super slick with the soon to be released Flyer!

    The Windows OS was smooth, very responsive. But then again, this really is a netbook's guts in a tablet form factor. It did feel heavy compared to the iPad or Xoom. I can't imagine holding it on 1 hand or even resting on my lap for very long.

    It's going to be interesting to see what the Transformer will bring to the table. I just hope the keyboard responds well...if so, that is a big win.

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