ASUS Transformer Prime dock issue


Hey there.

I have the Asus Transformer Prime (ft201) with dock. The tablet works fine, and the dock works with keyboard and SD-card, but it doesn't charge the tablet anymore. The battery indiacor for the tablet says 87% all the time. I can charge the tablet via the dock, but no matter the batterylevel of the tablet, the dock won't charge the tablet anymore.
Any idea what might be the issue? I consider to buy a new battery, but of course I would like to know if it will make any difference.
Any idea what to test would be appreciated. I know how to disassemble it. :D

Friendly regards



pain rustique
Welcome to the forums, ullenulle!
Do you have the large Asus battery widget on your homescreen? Can you possible send a screenshot of its details?
Have you tried ensuring the contacts to the dock are free of any debris? I no longer have mine, but willing to help. :)