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AT&T 4G? When?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by taknactn, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. taknactn

    taknactn Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone seeing these commercials for AT&T saying "AT&T now faster with 4G LTE"? (So-Cal Area) WHEN?!!! I have had my 4G LTE USB modem for 2Months now with Verizon HAHAHAHAA!


  2. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    yea the commercials are all over the place. 4G is faster then 3G so it kinda makes sense. i don't think they targeted Verizon in that ad so it makes sense that they are gonna start telling people about it
  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    I am guessing "when" all depends on where you live. I am sure after a few small test markets, they will install it in the large markets that will cover the most customers. So if you are like me, in the middle of nowhere, probably 3-5 years away :(

  4. Nah not that long LTE for ATT starts rolling out Q3 of this year so it will be out almost completely by years end 2012
  5. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

    Still waiting for 3G where I live...

  6. Were is that east bumblef?
  7. pkoutoul

    pkoutoul Member

    Kentucky. Only the major metro areas are 3G -- everywhere else it's still EDGE.
  8. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Member

    I graduated from Morehead State in December...a month after I left they got 3G. Figures.

  9. Yea that would def make sense. Also don't always blame ATT a lot.of.those rural areas won't allow towers
  10. Stylz

    Stylz Newbie

    lol i feel ya i live in nw ohio
  11. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Member

    In the eastern hills where I was there were plenty of towers, but the signal couldn't travel as far, causing a LOT of dead spots down in hollows and valleys.

    Morehead the town had awesome, albeit Edge, signal, but me a mere mile or so away had almost none.

  12. Doesn't mean they are all ATT towers or the 850 mhz spectrum that's needed
  13. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Member

    AT&T is the only game down there. Appalachian Wireless has a few, but other than that it's all AT&T.

  14. Yea so your probably still not converted 850 mhz. Once they switch that over probably by years end you will be fine
  15. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Member

    You're probably right, but I graduated and am back home in Ohio now, so it's not an issue for me anymore.
  16. Nice OHIO has great AT&T service for the most part
  17. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    From what I have read ATT does not plan on having full LTE till late 2013. SO, considering ATT's history, Q2 2014 for ATT, and Q4 2013 - Q1 2014 for version.
    That is why they are pushing HSPA+ "4g" phones right now.

    anyone see that sprint is already talking 5G in some ads? I wonder how long sprint is going to last? considering that a T-mobile/sprint buyout/merger is being talked about once again.

  18. Isn't it funny that the two worst talk.about merging both their respective mess of companies with two totally different technologies to do what make a giant cluster f?

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