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AT&T complaints and "Office of the President"

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by RevHarry, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Hello All.

    RE the problem spelled out here: http://androidforums.com/captivate-tips-tricks/410964-t-office-president-t-executive-offices-wireless-landline-dsl-complaints.html I have two good facts for you. The "Office of the President" number for AT&T landline/DSL only still is 800-791-6661. They are only there during regular business hours. That post, by the way, is very, very good and you should follow the poster's rules precisely except for a couple things:


    1) File a complaint with the FCC--you can get this data online and even file it online.

    2) The FCC will more than likely tell you in a letter that they don't handle that type of complaint, no matter what it is--but they will give you the state officials contact info.

    3) These state officials, probably your state commerce commission, will be used to fielding these complaints. They will contact AT&T Office of the Prez and open this complaint officially.

    4) If you are going through the commerce commission of your state, they will have a legit contact and there will be an official record. No need to worry about dealing with an AT&T custserv zombie.

    5) A rep from AT&T's Office of the Prez will likely call you within 2 days of the complaint being made through the state agency. Talk to them at that time or be sure you've noted their contact info if they leave it for you.

    6) Stick with the state commerce commission rep all the way when it comes to the complaint--that person IS in direct contact with the right people at AT&T. That person is also able to call them directly at any time if needed. Finally, that person will have your complaint on file and will demand AT&T answer your complaint and settle the issue.

    OK everyone?
    ~Best Wishes,
    Rev. Harry


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