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[AT&T] Custom ROM Development on the One X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nightvving, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Nightvving

    Nightvving Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, I was about to slip to the dark side (ok, not quite Apple, but Samsung) and go for the Galaxy S3, but after examining the phones more closely in person at an AT&T store I'm once again stuck in a pickle.

    To not burden you all with a drawn out comparison, the SGS3 actually looks pretty nice in person, but the One X screen just trumps the pentile Samoled screen on the SGS3 by so much that it has me reconsidering. Removable battery and mSD capability are nice, but never a necessity for me so that's not really a big selling point on the SGS3.

    The only reason I actually was leaning towards the SGS3 in the first place was because of rooting/modding/flashing custom ROMs, all that good stuff. A few observations (which may, admittedly, be false):

    -The SGS3 will probably have more options in terms of ROMs simply because there is a larger user base for the phone, it's probably (or... definitely?) the best selling android phone ever, and it's pretty much available on every carrier in every region of the world

    -Development on ROMs will be quicker for the same reason as above. For example, CM9 Stable is already released for the SGS3, while the One X is not officially being developed for the One X yet (a few candidates may submit their code, but none officially yet)

    -At the moment, the HTC One X can't even be rooted on AT&T after the 2.20 update.

    -ROMs on the international One X can't be used on the AT&T One X, and the international One X is more popular (in terms of # of users) and has a far better development community

    So basically, are things ever going to look up for One XL development?

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  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i just picked up a one xl that was still on old software. at the moment you do need to find one thats allready unlocked and/or superCIDed,or at least on 1.85 or older software. hopefully a new exploit is discovered soon for the 2.20 crowd.

    if you check the android development,and original android deveoloment sections on xda,there are a fair amount of roms. im running a very nice,smooth cm9 on mine at the moment.

    with the one xl you have the benefit of sense roms wich the sgs3 will not have. im not a fan of sense,but its ok in small doses,and does give you some extra variety.

    IMO the only thing lacking on the one xl is the aformentioned 2.20 root prollem,and an s-off procedure ;)

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