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AT&T FamilyTalk Nation 550 Rollover for $42.50

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by nb_mitch, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    For a couple of years, I have had 2 AT&T accounts because my wife and I had different area codes on our phones with a total cost of $108 with 2 different corporate discounts (Wal-Mart & Disney).

    As we are planning to move back to Florida, I switched my phone number and combined the accounts to a Family Plan which is posted on AT&T site as $59.99, but when I look at my account on-line it shows up at $42.50 (It actually shows a $50 crossed out with a $42.50 next to it). It also says I qualify for a 15%, which I do with a Wal-Mart Corporate Discount. After adding the $30 unlimited data plan, I should end up with a bill of $72.50 + taxes.

    I was told we would loss the Disney 19% discount when the accounts were combines. I wasn't told about any other promotion or deals when I switched. If all this works out and with the new lower data plans with free Wi-Fi, the move to new Android phones will be sweet :D

    FamilyTalk Nation 550 Rollover & Unlimited Night/Weekend & Unlimited Mobile-To-Mobile Minutes $42.50
    Anytime Minutes ...........550
    Night & Weekend Minutes....Unlimited
    Mobile to Mobile Minutes...Unlimited
    Long Distance..............$0.00
    Roaming Charges............N/A
    Additional Minutes.........$0.45/min
    Rollover Minutes Included

    Included Features:
    AT&T Domestic Long Distance.......$0.00
    GSM Coverage Area.................$0.00
    Primary Line......................$0.00
    550 Family Talk Rollover Minutes..$0.00
    AT&T Direct Bill..................$0.00
    AT&T Roaming Long Distance........$0.00
    Text Messages - Pay Per Use.......$0.30/MSG


    Your account type qualifies you to the following discounts. Service discounts are applied to the primary line under eligible agreements and exclude certain rate plan types and devices (e.g. iPhone data features and packages).

    Service : 15.0%

  2. Ambictus

    Ambictus Android Enthusiast

    Lucky fella! Sometimes I wonder if my wife and I should drop our plan down to 550. We're on the 700 and have over 4000 rollover minutes. We also get a corporate discount, but mine's 21% :D
  3. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Android Enthusiast

    I looked into dropping down our plan because of our tons of rollover minutes, but your minutes get voided down to one months worth (or something like that) when you switch to a lower plan. At least make sure you check with a sales rep before going down in minutes to make sure you dont lose a ton of your rollover.
  4. Ambictus

    Ambictus Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, you do lose most of your minutes. I think you keep the amount of minutes that your plan is, so if we dropped to 550 we'd keep 550 rollover minutes. We dropped down to the 700 from the 1400 over a year ago. We had something like 10000 rollover minutes back then lol. Lost all but 700 of them.
  5. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    We never use minutes, we could go with a 55 minute plan just fine :)

    I didn't realize we would loose our Rollover minutes. Before the end of the month it still showed the rollover amount "0 of 7008 used", now it shows "0 of 550 used".

    We are now 4 days into the new billing period and we haven't used a single minute between the 2 of us :D

    I wish I could donate the rollover minutes to charity or do something useful with them :thinking:

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