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[AT&T] Galaxy S3 Won't Start After Odin Mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by grant111, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. grant111

    grant111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    PLEASE HELP! I have a Galaxy S3 AT&T i747, and I tried to download the At&t version of AOKP (i followed instructions from galaxys3root.com) I copied the file, and coppied Gapps, and then when I tried to run Odin mode, it went black, and did not reboot. Now it is just a black screen. PLEASE HELP is this phone bricked? Is there any way I can turn it on???!?!! I did not install anything, I just dragged over the zip files for AOKP, and Gapps.

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  2. RobbieL811

    RobbieL811 Newbie

    Will it reboot back into download mode? Volume down + home button + power. If you can get it back into download mode, you are ok. What exactly were you trying to do again? You were trying to flash AOKP?
  3. AzHavicx

    AzHavicx Newbie

    Mobil oden? Or Odin on your PC there is a big diff in files...and please post your steps. Before this issue...start with what you downloaded...to putting phone in Odin mode to hooking it to you PC etc...and u can help...don't leave one thing out 1 little thing means hardbrick or soft brick to even loss of your iem#
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  4. Did you ever get this to work? I had the same thing happen to my galaxy s3 I must've downloaded a firmware that wasn't compatible

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