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[AT&T] Good reason to Root?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CRing, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. CRing

    CRing Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am new to this, coming from a non-jail-broken iPhone 4s. The only reason I am looking to Root is to fully use the Tasker App. After getting use to it, I may look into using a different ROM, but for now, I just wanna stick with what I got.

    I guess my main question, is this reason enough to risk bricking the phone?

    I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 i747.

    Also, where do I go to find Odin, and if I'm not using another ROM, do I need anything else other than Odin?

    Thank you everyone for your help.

  2. sugarspunz

    sugarspunz Member

    i just did this to my phone and it is running so much better and battery life is 10 times better.

    here is what i did.

    Rooted, updated to Jelly Bean, then installed Rom Manager to instal ClockworkMod Recovery using this:

    ROOT without Tripping Flash Counter

    this was super easy.

    then i de-bloated my phone doing this.

    De-Bloater Utility

    so far phone is running silky smooth and there is not cell stand by issue at all. battery life seems to be much better as well.
  3. pchemerys

    pchemerys Newbie

    Reasons to ROOT?
    There are many but the main reason (generally) to root any phone or any product period is to get the FULL ACCESS and FULL CONTROL that a user should already have when having purchased the phone in the first place!

    Being able to flash custom ROMs and kernels are big reasons for most...but even if not wanting to flash ROMs....
    How about getting:
    Better performance
    Better battery life
    Ability to remove bloatware and/or any apps settings that you do t want on the phone and once again should already have the ability to decide because you've purchased the phone!
    Ability to view access settings and information that may be considered more critical within the phone.
    Ability to install and use MANY various apps from within the Play Store that cover a whole wide range of possibilities.
    Overall improved ability to customize and do just about whatever you want to do with YOUR device!

    As for the scare of bricking...the toot part is so very easy and safe on this phone and most others especially and importantly if u simply read the proper application and instructions to do so... Same goes for flashing ROMs.. Simple and safe as long as u READ and FOLLOW the proper instructions.

    I can't imagine not having root access on any device I own even if I choose not to flash ROMs although I usually do anyways...
  4. Eldarwen

    Eldarwen Lurker

    I think it's quite weird that I don't have full control of my phone and what apps are on it.

    I'm also thinking of rooting my phone so I just added a profile here but now I have a new persons filter on me so I'm trying to get rid of it. So I can make a new thread with my Q's so sorry for my long and useless reply.

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