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AT&T Gophone Data plan does not work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by u156531, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. u156531

    u156531 Lurker
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    Gophone Data plan on AT&T does npt work on my Inspire. I can make phone calls but I can't connect to the internet throgh my data plan. A rep from AT&T told me its a compatibility issue between the network and the 4g phone. He said there isn't a way arond it. I'm just wondering if that is true? Is there a way around this problem. Is there a setting in the phone to make the phone 2g/3g? Would rooting offer a possibility?

    Thanks, Mark

  2. csoto2010

    csoto2010 Member

    Concerning the data plan, I know of nothing to get that working. However to change your phone to the Edge network go to Settings-Wireless & Networks-Mobile Networks-Network Mode and select GSM only. Again, this may not work for you but it's worth a shot.
  3. yungwunn911

    yungwunn911 Newbie

    does it work now?

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