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at&t htc inspire 4g, its not unlocked

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 31, 2013.

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    i have a at&t htc inspire 4g running on at&t network, its stopped letting me send and recieve mms messages and wont let me on mobile network (web and apps)...i have my mobile data on, ive facttory reset it twice and still nothing! ive tried changing the APNs and/or adding new ones and i cant seem to get the problem fixed, i have 3GB data plan which i havent used anywhere near 1GB, i really need help here! im on someone elses account, when it first started happening was the other day when i couldnt get mobile data so i reset the phone but got a message from AT&T saying i went over my data by $200, so the account holder called and fixed that problem, after she did that i got a message saying *your 3gb data plan has renewed*, ever since then my data and mms messages wont work! the account holder is a AT&T worker but claims it aint AT&Ts fault my phone is messed up? im wondering when they renewed my data plan that they actually didnt update data signal or something? i have full bars at top of my phone (no 3g symbal) but says (no mobile connections please update in settings) which dont work, please help!??????

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    Bring the phone into an AT&T store (not hers, if possible) and say "please help?"
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