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AT&T iphone user to make jump to android

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by fleeper, May 31, 2010.

  1. fleeper

    fleeper Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am on AT&T and my 3gs has bit the big one. I have been having issues with it for the last several months and wanted to replace it with an android phone.

    I know the backflip is the only android phone available at the moment, but is there any other phone from another carrier that can be used on AT&T.

    I also have a google voice number and I feel like I am missing out with my iphone and that I cannot use my GV number to it's fullest potential.


  2. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    Nexus One? There is a version compatible with AT&T 3G frequency.
  3. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    NEXUS-1 all the way.
  4. Chroma

    Chroma Android Enthusiast

    Nexus1. Just swap out your sim when it comes, the phone will auto configure.
  5. admile3

    admile3 Member

  6. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    If you can't jump to Sprint or Verizon, then the N1 is the way to go.

    The phone itself looks interesting, but...

    That's just funny. Whoever wrote this obviously has no experience with Samsung smartphones. As long as the phone works out of the box, I would not expect a single software update, ever.
  7. admile3

    admile3 Member

    I dont think you're reading it correctly... If it's unskinned, that means the phone WILL receive android updates, because it will be along the same lines as the N1 or the Moto Droid. It will have the stock, vanilla Android on it, without the Samsung skin on it, which means it will NOT have to wait for Samsung to send out an update. It will be able to receive its update directly from Google.
  8. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    The Motorola Droid doesn't receive updates directly from Google, but it is vanilla Android.

    If you are suggesting this is a carrier issue as opposed to a manufacturer issue, then I would not expect much better from AT&T who currently doesn't have any Android 2.0+ handsets in their stores.
  9. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    Uh lol, no.

    "Unskinned Android" doesn't mean jack unless your phone's a Nexus One or some future phone Google sells/supports directly. Sorry. Oh, and Samsung software support for any of their devices is shit. Updates? Hahahahahahahahaha.

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