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AT&T is 1st To Carry The Samsung Galaxy Note

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slims1179, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. slims1179

    slims1179 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    A few days ago the FCC has just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note has passed the certification. Although no word has been announced OFFICIALLY.

    The word is that AT&T has now labeled the Galaxy Note as model # GT-N7000B. Buyers of the N7000 or GT-N7000 DON"T WORRY! this WILL NOT effect the way the phone words. They will all use AT&T


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  2. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

    1) where's all this "word" coming from?
    2) will it utilize ATT's 4G LTE?
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  3. seepage

    seepage Android Enthusiast

    Many carriers have the Note.:thinking:
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  4. PhilMcGraw

    PhilMcGraw Member

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  5. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    If this is true, it defeats the whole point of the phone since with the old Snapdragon performance will be much worse. I thought about waiting for this version, but I elected to get the international version with Exynos cpu. The point is to be able to watch high bitrate 1080p MP4 and MKV videos smoothly, I can say this because I had the SGSII T-Mobile version which struggled to play very high quality videos even with the best rom and 1.8ghz overclocked, and I just received the Note which can handle them. And I can tell you the screen is spectacular, would be a waste if the hardware is under performing.
  6. slims1179

    slims1179 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes the SGH-I171 is the US version not the International version. The international version has the 1.4ghz Exynos and the US version will get the NEW Snapdragon.

    The Snapdragon chip can handle the 3G HSPA+ networks that T-Mobile and AT&T operate better than the Exynos processor, so are you sure you want the 1.4?
  7. slims1179

    slims1179 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Word Up!

    Sorry for that, but I do plenty of research! Anyways yes the US version of the Galaxy Note will utilize 4G LTE.
  8. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    Ugh. I really don't want to have to switch carriers from Sprint. C'mon Sprint!
  9. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    What does processor capability have to do with managing cellular connection, when capabilities are similar? As far as video playback, I have both the Tab 7.0 plus and the Springboard. Both have 1.2Ghz processors, with plus having the Exynos. Based on these performance tests, I can see why the Exynos has less stutter with various forms of video playback:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus review -- Engadget
  10. PhilMcGraw

    PhilMcGraw Member

    The Snapdragon handles T-Mobile's HSPA+ better because it is 42 Mbps instead of AT&T's 21Mbps. They had to put the Snapdragon on this one because of LTE which Exynos does not support as of right now.

    And yes, I would still want an Exynos HSPA+ version over the LTE Snapdragon anyday. Doesn't mean I won't buy the device either way, but I do prefer Exynos over Snapdragon. LTE on AT&T isn't that readily available and probably won't be until 2 years from now. It is a battery hog. You get the same amount of fluctuation of speeds as any other data technology so I could be getting the same speeds on HSPA+ as I would on LTE at any given time. And I mean for what? Slightly faster speeds? In real world testing, people have not seen that much of a difference in HSPA+ speeds and LTE speeds. I mean you would have to be in the middle of the city the LTE is supported to get the speeds it claims. And also, my internet at home is 24 Mbps and that is more than enough for me, and since my phone isn't doing any heavy downloading I think I can wait the extra second for something to be loaded. What needs to happen is carriers need to make data speeds more constant. I'm not saying I'm against LTE. But I mean in all honesty, it can wait til my next device.
  11. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    Ofcourse we want the Exynos 1.4ghz, sure its 21Mbps theoretical download compared to 42Mbps theoretical, but the performance overall is important. Korean seems to be agreeing: LTE Samsung Galaxy Note isn't welcome in Korea - CNET Asia Blogs: DigiHunter

    There are a few more interesting development what with Note GSM have capability of receiving 1700mhz band, but need reverse engineering of the radio firmware to work. And ATT just called off the TMobile merging deal and therefor is leasing the 1900mhz band for TMobile to roam, which is why some unlocked iPhone users using T-Mobile have been getting 3G.

    I just hope I'll get 3G speed on this GSM Note in some shape or form with T-Mobile, would save quite a few bucks. I do admit with dual HSPA+ rated at 42Mbps can deliver speed that easily rivals LTE, I gets up to 24Mbps. The real problem is at that speed you reach the 5GB limit pretty fast, in fact before I even reach half of the paying period.
  12. dennishh

    dennishh Newbie

    I have the European version of the Note on AT&T and all the speed advertising is smoke and mirrors, pure crap. Most of the time AT&T just barely gets a boost. 80% of the time you'll be on Wi-Fi so it doesn't matter that much to me. Sometimes depending where I am I get 10 down 4up. The LTE only kills your battery and when it does work cost you more money for data.
  13. does anyone know if the 4g works on the note if i get from amazon. i do live in a 4g zone.
  14. Mozartwon

    Mozartwon Lurker

    No, your only going to get H+ (AT&T calls it 4G not it's not)
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  15. edward90

    edward90 Well-Known Member

    Its not just about the down load speeds..LTE has much better latancy ..under 60 m/s compared to 200 m/s on hspa+ ....
  16. thanks! im going to wait for the us version.
  17. yeahmon

    yeahmon Lurker

    Aside of possibly using it as a hotspot, and streaming video, what in the world could you possibly download to a cell phone that you need anything over 5 Mbps?
  18. PhilMcGraw

    PhilMcGraw Member

    I was actually thinking back on this and was going...wait what? I guess my question is why would you be watching 1080p videos on a phone that could only support 720p (or 800p in this case) resolution. Now, if the processor struggles with 720p as well then that is problematic.

    That's what I was saying. Especially with the limitations of only 2GB a month on Verizon and AT&T, there is no point to having LTE. I mean you would be using your own wireless network when you are at home anyways, so any heavy downloading would be done then. And I get stuff "right away" with HSPA+ on the go. The network just needs to be expanded to cover more areas is all.
  19. Illrigger

    Illrigger Newbie

    What advantage does 6 hundreths of a second versus 2 tenths of one give you on your cell phone? It's not like you are fragging away in COD on it. Even as a hotspot, that's a pretty weak advantage.
  20. spcolyvas

    spcolyvas Lurker

    The issue is that web pages make multiple http requests, each with its own latency. Imagine a page with images for buttons, arrows, icons, etc, each would be a seperate request. Now add an IFrame with another page in it ...

    The latency issue is significant.
  21. Illrigger

    Illrigger Newbie

    So a 200-element page would take 28 seconds more to load on an identical bandwidth connection if the elements were loaded serially. Sounds significant, but there are two issues: requests aren't loaded serially in modern browsers, they are sent and received in parallel, and the connection speeds aren't going to be identical. The end result is the difference is hard to quantify in practical use.

    I just moved off of a Rezound on VZW's LTE network and went to a Focus on AT&T (to keep me off contract while I wait for a decent phone to come along). I can say that the Rezound was not significantly faster in web browsing under similar conditions than the Focus, despite the fact that LTE was giving me 23Mbps and the GSM 3G doesn't even give me 2 where I am sitting. In fact, VZW's LTE seemed to have issues penetrating the walls when sending multiple small packets and frequently hung when presenting pages, necessitating a refresh to finish. That may or not be the case on AT&T's due to the frequency difference (it's not rolled out here yet, so I can't say one way or another), but in fact the slow 3G in many ways is better.

    My point in saying all that is that latency may or may not factor in at any given moment, but even if it does, there are going to be about a dozen other factors that are just as likely to be prevalent as well and those factors probably have nothing to do with LTE.

    My final decision on the Rezound (before I took it back) was to just shut off LTE and leave it off - any advantage that it may have given me was far, far outweighed by the horrible, horrible battery life and the fact that neither my PC nor my car charger could put out enough current to charge it when LTE was enabled and being used (say, for navigation or as a hotspot - you know, the things that you actually use a smartphone for). If the Note does ship here with LTE and they have the network ready here by then, I'll probably end up doing the same thing. Nothing positive about LTE manages to outweigh those negatives.
  22. Starwind

    Starwind Newbie

    For the issues with the LTE draining life and the note having a great battery as it is.. Mugen made an even better battery for it if you really want to go overboard with power... 4500 mAH
  23. unwantedx10

    unwantedx10 Newbie

    I have been reading all the opinions in here, and I just wonder if in the future can I change my international version( which is 1.4 ghz Exynos) to 3G like the US version coming out soon( SGH-I171)? My phone takes too long to load on EDGE...Overall I love this phone much, but still kinda disappoint about it takes too long to load videos and get on the internet fast enough...:(
  24. Illrigger

    Illrigger Newbie

    It's quad band HSDPA, it should be able to do HSPA+ on AT&T in the US - I'm seeing lots of people on various forums doing so. Walk into your local AT&T store and say you want to make sure 4G is working on your phone. They will update your account and/or give you a new SIM if needed. It will never be able to do LTE, but you won't be stuck on EDGE.
  25. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Android Expert

    Should already be using 3G HSPA+ in the U.S. If not, make sure you have the correct APN settings.

    The International version is probably going to be the superior device, especially with the Exynos processor and the physical home button.

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