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AT&T LG G3 Gets Lollipop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iowabowtech, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. iowabowtech

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  2. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Android Enthusiast

    Not liking the being forced to use the new G-Mail app. I tried to delete and go back to the old version but now it wont let you delete it. I did not like the new version of g-mail so I had not upgraded it from the old one on purpose. I don't like being controlled by google.
  3. bulldog12

    bulldog12 Lurker

    It's different... So far so good
  4. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    Wow, when I read this topic, I tapped on my phone, and there it was waiting for me to hook into wifi. That being said, I have LP on my nex 4 and nex 10. I really don't see a hill of beans difference. I swipe up instead of over..... And some other stuff.
    I hope it fixes my Bluetooth connectivity.,
  5. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    I upgraded last night and now I am having some wireless charging issues. When I put it on the charger, I get the initial signal, but now it does not light up and tell me it is charging a few seconds after I place on the charger. And this AM, it was only charged up to 65%.
  6. xzilerate007

    xzilerate007 Lurker

    i upgraded last night and now i don't have facial recognition. Did that go away? Anyway to get it back?
  7. rhonin

    rhonin Newbie

    PITA. [​IMG]
    I just finished a conference call, set my phone down and heard a weird noise a few minutes later. AT&T decided to force update my device at 9:00 AM in the morning during my work-day. Sooooo nice of them. Took about 20 minutes or so. The battery was warm, not hot.
    So far everything seems paused. You perform an action, it pauses, then executes. I'll see how it goes. I'll update on my findings and experiences later.....

    Update #1 [​IMG]

    • Upgrade unmounted SD card
    • App selection triggers puase then executes
    • Had to move a number of apps back to the SD card
    • SD card keeps unmounting then mounting - randomly
    • Every time I unlock the phone, the system is remounting the SD card and posts an on-screen alert.
      • Does this mean it is unmounting it every time I lock the screen? Looks like it :spitoutdroid:
    • Keyboard reverted to LG - had to change back
    • Phone will randomly lockup when moving between homescreens - requires battery pull
    • Apps randomly show up as little green robots - then the SD card unmounts
    • SMS messages (using Google Messenger) being received at destination up to 40 minutes later .... multiple recipients and messages
    • AT&T crapware remained disabled
    • In Developer Options if you turn off animations - really improves speed
    • Missing two apps (my list is shorter) and haven't identified them yet

    Biggest issue so far has been the SD card problem. Trying to avoid a factory reset....
    Thankfully my other phone is my primary work device else I would be really screwed. [​IMG]
    More to come.....
  8. CL3nglish

    CL3nglish Member

    Well, one small but annoying thing I've noticed is the circle around the clock on the lock screen. It looks like crap how. Jagged and pixelated.

    Haven't noticed too much else yet.
  9. bulldog12

    bulldog12 Lurker

    Battery drain is excessive now, I'm usually at 70% I've never dropped below 48%, sitting at 20 now. Time to investigate...
  10. freeperjim

    freeperjim Newbie

    It's been 48 hours since I upgraded - my observations...
    1. Total upgrade process ~ 1.5 hours
    2. Very little change re: appearance - still opens to my Home screen
    3. HUGE battery drain during first 24 hours. Under "Battery Usage", the OS was 76% (previously it was ~ 5%)
    4. Now, after 48 hours, OS battery drain has returned to ~ 5%
    5. Battery charging rate is MUCH slower by 2-3x (as monitored by battery app that shows rate of charging.& discharging)
    6. When browser opens, the "Most Frequent websites" is gone and Browser opens to Home page - sad news, indeed.

    QUESTION: Can websites under "Bookmarks" be edited as to their position so our favorite Bookmarks are at the top?

    UPDATE: It appears Android is aware of the "Messenger Battery Drain" and is working to resolve. More info and discussion here: http://androidforums.com/threads/facebook-messenger-battery-drain.902687/
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  11. Lynn THomas

    Lynn THomas Lurker

    Has anyone had a problem with the lollipop update where the notifications for the text messages and calls do not disappear or take an extremely long time. The little red circle that tells you that you have 3 messages and 2 phone calls. sometimes have to restart to get them to disappear
  12. Alinaomina

    Alinaomina Lurker

    I have an LG G3 and had the random unmounting SD card as well. What fixed the issue was a friend saying that on another phone an update corrupted his SD card and caused it to do that.

    I moved the applications that I could from the SD card to the Phone. Then unmounted my SD card and shut the phone down. I removed the card and put it into my computer. Once it came up I cut and pasted everything from my card to the desktop, then formatted the SD card. Then I put everything back onto the SD card. Re-installed the SD card into my phone and booted it up. It mounted up just fine and has not unmounted since.
  13. redjeepjk

    redjeepjk Lurker

    I got the update last night, and other than the HUGE BATTERY DRAIN, i like it but i want to go back to kit kat, i want to root the phone and possibly just root a custom rom that has 4.4 but i am afriad to and not sure what to do. i looked up the problems people were having with the new lollipop upate and the forums suggested that i factory reset to possibly fix anything that didnt do anything so I am a bit stuck and frustrated with what to do. i loved the phone when it was on kit kat and only had it for like a week.
  14. grunt0300

    grunt0300 Android Enthusiast

    Traded up yesterday, my G2 for a new G3 running 4.4.2. Later that day, i got the upgrade for 5.0.1. Boy, i thought that my Nexus 5 got quick updates, but this is great. Thank you, AT&T.:p
  15. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±

    Merged threads of same topic;)
  16. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Got my G3 last week and as soon as I turned it on it upgraded to lollipop. Wish I would of had seen Kit/Katt on this device.
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  17. grunt0300

    grunt0300 Android Enthusiast

    Who's forcing you? Use a different email app. I've been using AquaMail on various devices with no problems.:p
  18. grunt0300

    grunt0300 Android Enthusiast

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  19. rpm1960

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  20. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Anybody's phone lag sometimes?


The LG G3 was the 2014 flagship device for LG, and was one of the first smartphones on the market with a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display. It featured a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, and a 13MP.

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