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AT&T - One X+ or Optimus G

Discussion in 'What Device Should I Buy?' started by balaka2, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. balaka2

    balaka2 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 10, 2013
    Currently playing around with a Lumia 920. The new WP OS is actually pretty cool, but the app situation is just terrible. There's enough kinks to work out that im leery of being stuck with an OS/ecosystem that is just permanently behind the times in capabilities and apps.

    Enough background. I've got 6 days to decide if i want to switch out the lumia for something else. I'm trying to decide between the One X+ or the Optimus G. Nexus 4 isn't an option btw price (dont feel like spending $350) and lack of LTE. Don't really feel like the GS3 since everyone and their mother has one, and after fiddling with it in the store i just wasn't feeling it.

    The phone is for personal use. Web surfing, light gaming, shopping, pics/videos, social (FB/twitter/IG), a decent amount of music/podcasts over the course of a day.

    What say ye?


  2. Insoptivos

    Insoptivos New Member

    Feb 10, 2013
    Engineering prints and scans
    I say go with the Sony Xperia TL - the James Bond phone. This is my 5th Sony phone and I couldn't be more pleased. The One X is one I was considering but having had the SE Vivaz I was used to being able to push camera button to take instant pictures without having to turn on the camera. LOL, I was in my local shop for two weeks playing with the phones. My sons offered to buy me the iPhone5 but now they like my TL. It is so easy to customize the 5 screens on this phone and video is amazing. 3D looks like it is popping out and the picture album has easy folder or date options and geotagging. Optional keyboards and social networking apps included. It is a classy phone with great battery, wifi and 4g and mine came with an NFC tag. Good luck with your decision.

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