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AT&T Pre-Order and Release date discussion thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bucsfan, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. 5001craig

    5001craig Newbie

    I got mine today and I'm impressed. Not too hard coming from a Torch...

    I can't believe how bad-ass Music Manager is. Had to ask my 13 year old how to convert my itunes to my new Android phone, though.


  2. shark974

    shark974 Well-Known Member

    So my saga finally ends, saw a voicemail from ATT on my phone today, assumed it was the come get it message. But just before I leave the house figure I better listen...sure enough it's the lady saying we got SGS3, but only the white one (I preordered blue), but I can come get a white one if I want...which I dont want

    So I'm mad about yet ANOTHER delay, but I decide to call other ATT stores, sure enough the first one has it, including blue. So I go pick it up. Now all I have to do is go cancel my preeorder at the original store.
  3. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Android Enthusiast

    ...so you actually have it in hand? If so, brilliant news.

  4. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

    Picked mine up from my local AT&T store yesterday :)

    This phone seems to be a real keeper. I did away with the Touch Wiz launcher and installed the Nova launcher. No complaints yet...........
  5. Jewopaho

    Jewopaho Lurker

    When I inquired as to the delivery date from Radio Shack, I was told that there would likely be a delay of about a week beyond the original estimate (ordered it on 6/24, was told to expect it during the first week in July). I was pleasantly surprised to get the call last Friday (7/6). I picked it up the following day. Radio Shack transferred the the data from my iPhone (which I traded in for more than the cost of the S3), and I walked out a happy man. I connected it to my PC, and the phone discovered my music on iTunes ... uploaded all of it seamlessly. I then created my e-mail account, and I was good to go. I really like the device, and am still discovering what it can do. After being joined at the hip with every iPhone up to 4 (thankfully I didn't spring for the 4S ... would have had to wait another two years for an upgrade), Android is a totally new experience ... and so far, so good. Now I can see for myself why everyone is raving.

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