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At&t Samsung Galaxy Note chipset discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ynomrah, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So we all want the galaxy note in the u.s. with or without LTE. But we don't want it to be compromised with a s3 chipset instead of the wonderful exynos chipset in exchange for LTE.

    Well for me at first i really thought that the most important thing for me was the chipset, and more specifically the gpu (since I'm so big into mobile games) . But after really thinking about it i really just want this thing for the display. I mean after all if i wanted an exynos device i would've just popped for the gs2 already. I really just want this thing for its potential as a tablet AND a phone, regardless if it has eyxnos or not. And after really doing some research, i realized the adreno 220 isn't going to be a bad substitute at all for the Mali 400. Considering every game currently available runs absolutely fine on both, there not much really being sacrificed on that matter. However i still realized the day-to-day performance concerns with the s3 chipset, and how it may also affect the battery.

    With that being said though, it is really that hard to imagine at&t and Samsung slapping either the exynos 4212 or the s4 chip in here? They both support LTE and if I'm not mistaken have both been sampled already and ready to go. So although i wouldn't be super dissappointed if the s3 if the final chipset, it just would super nice if they go for soemthig more long term.


  2. PhilMcGraw

    PhilMcGraw Member

    While it makes perfect logical sense that would be the thing to do, your opinion doesn't take into account how many months it would set back the product. Engadget had an article on how long it takes for a product to be released on a US carrier and it even talked about how long last minute changes can affect the release date of a product. So a "small change" like the chipset could place the product a month or two behind schedule if it wasn't already planned. This is because putting in a new chipset would mean that AT&T would have to do more "real-world" tests and what not. So, your prediction would be plausible if it was already planned, but if it isn't planned it probably won't happen.
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  3. mp33er

    mp33er Newbie

    What I really would like to know is, setting all the numbers, technicalities and theories aside, is there "noticeable" difference between the 2 CPU's in the "day-to-day" usages for 95% of the users? Thanks in advance!
  4. dt99

    dt99 Newbie

    I doubt there will be noticeable in normal overall usages and only in games, or benchmark. But who buy a phone for benchmark results?
    Gameplaying, battery will be better with Exynox and overall perfomance.
    Since US version might have LTE too, so battery wont last long either and I dont understand why peoples want LTE for. Its a big battery hog using LTE and I rather having one without. HSPA+ is enough for a phone, its not that u gonna download big filesize with the phone and surf dont need LTE speed for it.
  5. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good point. Honestly i did read that article which was a great article, and had considered that. I was posting based on the assumption that maybe they have already went through that process from the start.

    Either way i am absolutely infatuated with this phone, and cannot wait until it releases.

    Here's to hoping for exynos or krait! ;D

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