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AT&T users

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by mazzabl, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. mazzabl

    mazzabl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else on AT&T plan on picking up the nexus one? Although it's limited to edge do you think it will hold the phone back that much as far as data intensive apps. Things such as google maps, instant message clients, YouTube, etc. Will they still function decently? I'd love to see a video of the nexus on edge performing these tasks. I'm still very interested in this phone regardless of being crippled by edge

  2. Maxx

    Maxx Member

    Kinda dumb to take such a nice phone and limit it to edge... Wonder how much Tmo had to pay google to get first rights at nexus one :p
  3. mazzabl

    mazzabl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I agree, it's a shame the phone is limited to edge on AT&T, although I think it's an amazing piece of hardware and I prefer the android platform, I'm dying to ditch the iPhone for numerous reasons, unfortunantly it seems that AT&T will never get an android device and all the current android devices are pretty outdated hardware wise so it's bot worth paying $500+ for outdated hardware. My only other hope was the xperia x10 which endadget states will be a "Canadian exclusive" and tied to Rogers, which is nice except for the fact that judging by the specs the phone will cost an arm and a leg unlocked, specs are comparable to the hd2 and look what that goes for. Something tells me I'll have the iPhone a while longer.
  4. scottricketts

    scottricketts Newbie

    I ordered mine. I have a 2G iphone and my current 3G iphone that I'll be putting on eBay to cover the costs and I'm hoping to come close to breaking even. I lived with a hacked 2G on edge for over a year so going back isn't a big deal to me. I was on Sprint for a week with the Hero and liked Android much better than the iPhone, however I was overruled by my family and we switched to AT&T and 3G's. My N1 arrives tomorrow and I'm stoked to get it!
  5. mazzabl

    mazzabl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    nice, post your impressions of it once you get some hands on time with it, im really curious about its edge performance. i love everything about the phone form factor, hardware specs, android 2.1, just iffy about running it on edge.
  6. jbrinkley

    jbrinkley Well-Known Member

    I can say that the n1 on att 2g is way faster than winmo on att 2g, (htc s730)
    I'm loving the phone. It's taken me over a full day to get the hang of things.
    It's soo much easier to work with. The browser pinch zoom thing, the BT transfer and usb transfer, paring with 3 cars and two laptops. Everything about it is so much easier.
    email set up, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, all easier.
    its a great platform
  7. mazzabl

    mazzabl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i have no doubts about the android platform, im more concerned about edge only. do the widgets update fast on their own? also things such as google maps, youtube, push email, instant messaging clients, do they all perform well? im coming from an iphone 3gs so im currently used to 3g connectivity although im expting edge to be slower i just want to make sure these functions arent unbarabely slow.
  8. summerboy18

    summerboy18 Guest

    I gave up. Google Maps heavily depends on fast internet speed. With my 3GS with AT&T 3G speed, sometimes it loads longer time. With 2G, I doubt it will even be possible to track your location. Forget about youtube high quality as it will buffer longer than video length. Email and messaging will of course work but not as instant as 3G speed. I just tested my AT&T speed 3g comes out 1.5 MBPS and 2g comes out .10 MBPS so go figure it out boy
  9. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    I had to use maps on 1X once and it was sorta slow not too bad if zoom out and turn off satelight view, but I definatly prefer 3G.....little things like widgets, email, ims, ect. Should be fine no reason to worry about speed issues with that. To the gjy above me, "I doubt it will be able to track your location" that's BS, you could have 2bps downlink and that's all maps would need to triangulate your location quickly with the gps, now viewing it? That's another story.....

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