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Support AT&T Version - Does not Start Correctly (Hit or Miss)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eacousineau, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. eacousineau

    eacousineau Lurker
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    Sep 29, 2012

    [I am posting this in the general section just in case people from other vendors are having the same problem]

    Last night I forgot to plug in my phone, and due to the idle power consumption it died. Usually not a problem, but now when I try to restart it it brings me to my lock screen.

    In the lock screen, the top bar is not visible. When I put in my swipe code, the screen goes black. If I hold the side buttons I get the power options (Silent Mode, Restart, Power Off, etc). Occasionally, I can get the sound bar, and sometimes the top bar with only the battery indicator to come in.

    I have tried restarting multiple times (with the power options / with pulling out the battery), but to no avail.

    I also tried restarting without the SIM card. The first time I tried, the OS worked without a hitch (other than not having the SIM card). Silly me, I restarted it, and now it has the same error with and without the SIM card.

    I think I installed an official update about two weeks ago. I run Ubuntu on my laptop, and I have Android SDK two months ago, but only used it briefly two months ago. I have not rooted the phone.

    Has anyone had this problem before?

    Or does anyone have a suggestion of what to do?


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