AT&T's Return Policy


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Ok so I want to give this phone a chance but will most likely be switching to the Atrix when it comes out. If I buy this phone for the upgrade price and decide to exchange it when the Atrix is released will my upgrade be void and force me to pay full price for the Atrix? Or is the upgrade price still applicable?


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haha, this thread was like rapid fire: question > answer > questions > answer

I didnt have anything to add, just thought Id point out the humor


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i just recently got a phone directly from att. if i reject the shipment, they will still probably charge me the $35 restocking fee right?
I wouldn't take this phone again if it was free!!!! Send it back!! I have had mine for 8 months and gone through 5 of them!!! And HTC and AT&T won't do anything for me. SEND IT BACK!!!

PM me if you want to know my issues! :eek: