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ATEC A4101 Firmware Upgrade

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by barch, Mar 6, 2016.

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    I bought this unit on ebay as a "fully loaded" device. Their definition of fully loaded is obviously different to mine. as it has only the Android firmware loaded and google play!I downloaded the latest version of Kodi and once I tried to install, the unit came up with a parse error which I took as it being incompatible with this version of Kodi. The unit is running Android firmware 4.0.4. So, I went back to an old version of XBMC which did load but of course, some of the Add ons, Genesis, FTV wouldnt work or showup as broken on the older version of XBMC. I then tried newer versions of xbmc/kodi to see if any would laod and 14.2 would but the network options were very limited and meant Kodi couldnt react with the internet.

    So, I want to get a later version of firmware loaded but cant find where to get it. Ive contact ATEC, a Thai company but havent heard back as yet, and the ebay seller has until tomorrow before I task ebay to intervene.

    The box is using the A10 Allwinner processor, the firmware running currently is 4.0.4. I'd like to try a much later version of firmware on it but have no idea where I might get it. The user manual states that firmware upgrades can be done using a SD card plugged in at start up.

    Any help as tho where I can get firmware to upgrade this box would be greatly appreciated.


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