Athlon 64 X2 4000+ & MSI K9VGM-V CPU/Mobo Combo

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(Copy and Paste link):

You'll be bidding on a used CPU & Motherboard Combo

CPU is a AMD Athlon 4000+ Brisbane at 2.1GHz
Motherboard is a MSI K9VGM-V

CPU is already mounted with heatsink and fan using Artic Silver thermal grease.


Motherboard features include:

1GHz FSB / Hyper Transport Bus
VIA K8M890+VT8237A Chipset
Supports DDR2 Memory 533/667/800
Dual Memory Channel
2 Dimm Slots
2GB Max Memory
1 PCI-Ex16 Slot
1 PCI-E Gen 2.0 Slot
2 PCI Slots
2 IDE Ports
2 SATAII Ports
4 Rear USB Ports
6 Rear Audio Ports
1 Serial Port
1 Parallel Port
1 VGA Port
256MB VGA Shared Memory
DirectX 9 Compatibility
M-ATX Form Factor


Adult purchased and owned, this combo has had light useage and is a very good condition.

Heatsink needs a little cleaning with some canned air. I personally have none at the moment to do this myself. Other than that the unit powers on and works perfect.

Bid with confidence and as always, Happy Bidding! Good Luck! =)
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