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May 6, 2010
I've read numerous rumors of HTC using Atmel's maXTouch sensors in the Incredible and now Evo.

I'm mainly interested in the "unlimited" touch capability. Is there an app that can demo this, a la "Multitouch Visible Test" ?
The Evo has the Atmel sensors though they are not the same as shown on the Atmel website. There is no stylus, fingernail or glove input though it does do remarkably better in multi-touch capability. skip ahead to 1min in See below:

YouTube - Droid Incredible multitouch test!

I read somewhere yesterday can not remember where, but supposedly there is some lag with that test on the evo.
Still not seeing demos of more than two touch points. Maybe the OS and or app would have to support it?
The lag is barely noticeable. COuld be pre-productions issues too.

Looks like a final release EVO :( Maybe a ROM update will take care of it?

Argh. Input lag is the last thing I want to hear about after putting in a pre-order. Nothing bugs me more than a laggy interface.

It may be touch lag (no way to know till I get one in my hands) but it might also be just in relation to the way that program interacts with the touch driver. The lag might only be with that specific program. Either way, I'd bet we can replace the touch driver with the one from the Incredible to fix those issues. Some ROM chef will have to do it.

Now I just gotta learn how to cook android ROMs haha :/
damn thats a bit of a let down...is the incredible the same as the evo in that department? and do you guys think its just software and can be fixed?
I wonder if Froyo would help decrease the lag since it improves OS efficiency, or is it mostly/entirely just an issue with the sensors themselves?