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Atrix 4G w/ laptop kit *USER REVIEW*

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Getaphixx, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Getaphixx

    Getaphixx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I do not have the laptop dock. They are actually on display at your AT&T stores. The only thing I can say about the laptop is they are tanks. Lightweight and all metal. The only plastic on it is the keys, touchpad and LCD. It's very well built! If you have younger children this will easily hold up to their abuse.

    So I won't be doing a video review of the laptop dock.. But I will do a thorough review of the WebTop browser and the goodies in there. (Same view as the laptop only on your home 58" Plasma TV! muuuahahah)

    Updated: Major issues with it the last 24-36hrs and the fact I've been working on root for the device has left me no time for webtop/phone reviews.. I really tried the last 5 days with it ya'll. Between working 7hrs a day and working against this phone for another 4.. I was worn out with attempting to make that video.. Forgive me!




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  2. dsmoot

    dsmoot Newbie

    What is the resolution of the laptop dock?

    Can you connect a regular bluetooth mouse and keyboard or do you have to have the HP one?

  3. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Member

    I would love to know what the Youtube performance esp higher resolution like 720p work like on the laptop dock/media dock. I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a Google CR-48 Chrome notebook and the youtube performance is horrible. I have been debating whether it would be worth it to get the laptop dock since I already have the CR-48. Also, while I've seen it mentioned that the laptop dock doesn't have multitouch scrolling on the trackpad no one has mentioned if you can scroll with a single finger by swiping the edge of the pad?
  4. Scholar

    Scholar Newbie

    Try a USB mouse too if you can! I wanna get the Logitech Darkfield for use with this.
  5. dsmoot

    dsmoot Newbie

    Another poster accidentally answered my question. According to the developer page for the Atrix, it supports the Bluetooth HID profile:

    MOTODEV > Products > ATRIX 4G MB860

  6. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    Netflix would be great thanks.
  7. Extrospection

    Extrospection Lurker

    Could you take some pictures comparing the Atrix's screen to those in other devices? I know it might be difficult, but I'm sure we'd appreciate seeing how it stacks up against some other IPS and AMOLED panels.
  8. Kurakka

    Kurakka Newbie

    I was interested in how well it plays, if at all, web games. Like http://www.nivigames.com/ for example. Also as a long shot if it could play the browser version of minecraft. I know these are not the ideal use for the unit, but hey we might be surprised who knows.

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing how the unit reacts to USB Hubs, Transfer speeds on USB drives if you can even copy the files to begin with, Playing movie files off of USB drive, how much access to the file structure you will have on the web top if any, Netflix, Hulu, favorite TV station website (Fox, NBC, ABC) streaming a show.

    I know this is a lot of requests but any that you have time for would be great.

    Thanks for taking requests.
  9. bee55

    bee55 Lurker

    It would also be great to know if it is possible to install firefox addons and if there is a way to get silverlight working in the browser (I suppose flash is supported in default).
  10. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    Or if there is Terminal access in the Webtop (if it is in fact Debian-based), or some way of installing another browser like Chromium to replace the Firefox one...
  11. dsmoot

    dsmoot Newbie

    Dream on brother... That is my hope and goal that we can crack into that environment and throw in a few real terminal apps (not those terminal emulator apps).

  12. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    Yeah, i know. I am hoping they just removed the shortcut to the terminal and it can still be called up by keyboard shortcuts. Or install guake or something, even that would work (I think). Mainly I want it just to install other apps though (and maybe play around later on ;-) )
  13. Rastor

    Rastor Member

    It would be great if someone could settle the question of if/how tethering requirement is enforced. I.e. stick in a SIM without tethering service and see does it prompt you to buy tethering when you dock? Does it just not seem to notice/care?
  14. Getaphixx

    Getaphixx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for the responses..

    I'll be working on a review for you and others!!!!
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  15. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Getaphixx, can you see if you can get the webtop mode to work if you just use the hdmi cable. People have pointed out from some sample videos that they didn't see 'webtop mode' selection with hdmi cable but there was an option with the dock. None of the reviews/previews really mentioned it though that I've read.
  16. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    Maybe trying to trick the phone into thinking it is in the dock by plugging both cables in (hdmi and micro usb)...
  17. youareme7

    youareme7 Well-Known Member

    I've got one that hasn't been mentioned before; you should sideload z4root and see if the app will gain us temp or perma-root simply and easily. It works for almost all the Motorola phone previously and is harmless if it doesn't. I'd personally load it via ADB but you could use the sideload wonder machine too, here's some links.

    Sideload wonder machine:
    Android Sideload Wonder Machine - Android Forums

    Here's a link to z4root on XDA-Developers:
    [APP] z4root - xda-developers

    And here's the APK:

    The hardest part about this is just getting the app on the phone. If you don't know ADB it's easier just to follow the instructions on the sideload wonder machine in order to install it. Once the app is installed all you have to do is open it and try either "temporary root" or "permanent root". It can also be used to "unroot" if you want to do that.
  18. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    That would be amazing if z4root works...
  19. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

  20. Sparke

    Sparke Newbie

    Can you see if haxball will run on the phone?

    HaxBall - Play

    I'm not sure if there's anyway to play it, maybe with a bluetooth keyboard? (If you could try that I'd greatly appreciate it!)
  21. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Can you check the sunlight legibility of the Atrix.

    Endgadget's review:
    This is kind of annoying since LCD should have a better daylight legibility than the AMOLED (no SAMOLED). So I'm kind of confused with that statement. See how well legibility is with 100% brightness, 50% brightness and 0% brightness. Also, if possible, can you compare it with another Android phone with LCD if you have.
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  22. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    Since Webtop is a custom linux distro it is almost guaranteed that Netflix won't work
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  23. youareme7

    youareme7 Well-Known Member

    So here's another thing you could test that could give us a little insight into whether the rumor about disabling HSUPA is true or not.

    First you'll need a file manager (I like Astro)

    Then you need to browse to the directory /system where you should find the build.prop file (it may show as just build in Astro, as shown below)

    Once you find that file you'll need to long press it and "open as" a text file, pick whatever text editor you want. What you're looking for is "ro.ril.hsxpa=" as shown in the picture below:

    the number next to that value determines the connectivity:
    ro.ril.hsxpa=0 is UMTS only (not likely)
    ro.ril.hsxpa=1 is HSDPA only (this would mean HSUPA is disabled)
    ro.ril.hsxpa=2 is HSDPA/HSUPA (both are enabled)

  24. Getaphixx

    Getaphixx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good news received the phone today!!!

    Left the house early this morning, just finished working tonight.. ready to record some video and do some reviewer type things..

    1 bar on the ATRIX.. No connection..

    /le sigh

    Updating my laptop with SDK for some screenshots of benchmark tests..

    Didn't find any text that you were looking for in the file that you told me to look in.. nothing close.. Send you a PM

    I will take video at the stores tomorrow compare it to all other AT&T Phones..

    EDIT: On my way home stopped by Bestbuy & a local electronics store.. Nobody had in stock a microHDMI cord.. Odd..

    I will be doing a video on the Media Docking station tomorrow night with a huge TV. Let's hope it at least gets a signal in there..... =/
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  25. scrounger

    scrounger Newbie

    When I was at BB, I asked about the microHDMI cables (so I could see what they were selling them for). They were located in the Digital Camera section.
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