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Atrix Battery Life vs. Inspire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leavinghome, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. leavinghome

    leavinghome Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys. First of all, couldn't find a thread about this, so if there is mods can go ahead and close this.

    This is mainly for a friend who doesn't do the whole "forums" thing hehe.

    I just recently purchased an Inspire, and battery life aside, I absolutely love it. I haven't been able to use the Atrix as of yet, but a close friend of mine is thinking about getting one. Since he knows how the battery life is on the Inspire, he (and I was well) would like to know how the Atrix battery is compared to the Inspire. Personally, with moderate usage, I can get a good 9-10 hrs of the Inspire. Not TOO bad, but I'm not gonna brag about it either lol.

    If anyone who has both phones, or maybe knows somebody who's compared the battery lives, can please shed some (unbiased) light on this It would be appreciated :)


  2. ad78

    ad78 Newbie

    i have the inspire for 4days and the battery is a joke. it wont last a day then it will prompt battery low... i just got the atrix this morning walk-in store for $129 and the battery is freaking awesome!
  3. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    The problem with comparing them both for battery life, the Inspire comes with a 1230 battery, the Atrix a 1900 battery.....lol

    Like with the Incredible, the Inspire is handicapped out the box for battery life. One might have to get an extended battery as soon as you get the phone.

    The newer cpu's dont drain the battery as much as the old ones....and yet HTC puts in a small battery...its like you wont see the benefits of the newer cpu's until you get a bigger battery. 1500 should be the average size phone manufactures use.
  4. cezarslice

    cezarslice Lurker

    I have the motorola atrix and when i downloaded a battery manager off of the android market, the battery lasted, easily, the whole day with moderate-high use. I love my atrix. I havent seen the battery life on the inspire but my friend has the evo and the battery life is pretty bad so i can only assume that the inspires isnt much better. I would say the battery life is definetly better on the atrix

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