ATT GS2 New Unlocked

Comes with everything except original box, Brand new and unlocked, 390 shipped to us 48
Contact me via email at
stefan . buddle @ gmail . com

Im too new to post links etc, also looking to trade for a Galaxy Note

I have pictures showing proof of ownership ready to send to anyone wanting to buy, can't post them here right now though due to limitations

pictures added

Thanks for the picture stefan. Would you mind adding another picture of the item? The first one is so dark only your note is visible.
yup give me a second


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Bob Cat

Careful, They're sharp!!


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PC Jona

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probably a combination of people wanting a white one or the skyrocket instead.

i want one for travelling but im not ready to pay the price yet lol


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I'd like to have one to play with. I'm with big red tho. Since your a dev on xda you could slip me one as a charitable contribution and I'll be a tester for your work.;):D
If only I was a dev, the xda dev was just short for xda developers xD. All the phones have been sold already but I should have more in by next week, so anyone who is interested let me know and we can work something out

I have a connection and can basically get any phone off contract for little to nothing.... let me know