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ATT Samsung Captivate: Mac, need to add stock programs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maidmarian4, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. maidmarian4

    maidmarian4 Lurker
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    I was not thinking and I removed some ATT crapware after I rooted and sideloaded my phone. Next time I plan on "freezing" the apps.

    Anyway, I'm not *that* smart w/ this kind of stuff (I know, I should not have even taken off the programs). So, I need some detailed help.

    I have a MAC. I can go to the library for a PC/windows, but nowhere else.

    Basically, I still have the SU permissions app on my phone no matter how I reset it. I also have many of the ATT apps removed (GONE). I need to take this phone back in under warranty due to a speaker problem... so I need this back to "normal."

    I was wondering if I just get on Windows and run Kies and update to 2.2, will that clean everything up? I'm guessing not?

    What do I do? HELP! :-S

    I do have Heimdall on my homepage ready to use, but I don't get some of the directions.

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