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Attempt to increase Internal memory

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sjdomin, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. sjdomin

    sjdomin Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I get "low memory" error messages when attempting to update apps. I have 6GB Internal Memory and a 32GB External SD chip.
    In Settings/Storage/Internal I have 5.1 Gb used and 446Mb available free space.
    Part of the 5.1 GB was taken up with Pics and Videos (1.51 Gb). I tried to Move all of the files from the Pics/Video folder to a new folder on my laptop (ie, off the A100). The Pics/Video is now empty, but Storage/Internal still shows 5.1Gb used and 446 Mb Free space./ The Pics/Video folder doesn't even show up.
    So, where is the memory that I thought I freed up? And, how do I do that-I know I can't move apps out of Internal Storage but pictures and videos are not apps

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  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    The GPS log file leak has likely consumed all of the "missing" storage. Perform the Factory data reset to clear that, and then turn off GPS location services under settings to prevent the log file buildup from recurring.
  3. sjdomin

    sjdomin Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. But, won't a "factory data reset" clear ALL of my data? I don't want that
  4. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    You have two options:

    1.) Easiest and less risky: Backup your important data to a PC or USB device, and perform the Factory data reset. That will recreate the /data and associated fuser filesystems, which will in turn clear the files from /data/GPS. To prevent a repeat of the condition, you should then ensure that you keep GPS location service turned off in Settings > Location services.

    2.) Harder and riskier: Backup important data, root your tablet, and use a file manager to manually delete the .txt files from /data/gps. After doing that, you can mitigate the issue by leaving GPS location service off, or you can eliminate the cause as noted here: http://androidforums.com/acer-iconia-tab-a200/643386-i-ran-out-space-ugh-solution.html#post5169892.

    If I were to choose option #2, I would perform option #1 first regardless, because the Factory reset will clean up the user filesystem and make it less likely that the rooting procedure will encounter problems on the device. Problems during rooting procedure execution could leave the device in a soft bricked state, and then you'd possibly have a lot of somewhat complicated work to do to restore it to service.
  5. Flyboy28802

    Flyboy28802 Member

    The main advantage to me for Rooting was that I can change the mount points of the internal storage with the External SD card. So now the tablet things I have 64gb of internal storage and a 5ish gb of SDcard storage.

    Google play movies still works, and all other apps seem happy with no issues. I have only run into a few APPs that check for Root and will not run, but there's plenty of others that do the same functions so too bad for them.

  6. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert

    I'm on the Carbon rom (JB version) and I'm having the same issue with something sucking up my 4.1gb of memory. I read that the gps logging issue is only with ICS 4.0 builds which I am not on. I also looked into that folder that keeps the logging files (/data/gps) and there is only the 2 files in there. I don't believe that issue is in JB. Anyways, back to my orignal question, how did you switch cards to where you now have so much internal storage?? I might have to do that.

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