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ATTN: Swype lovers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by messenger13, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I was so delighted that my new Bionic came with Swype pre-installed. But I soon realized that I didn't like the light-colored theme of the version, and it also didn't a built-in personal dictionary like the latest release of Swype. So I uninstalled this version, then installed the latest release. Works great, looks great, and has the built-in dictionary that I like.

    The only bad news is: your Bionic needs to be rooted in order to uninstalled the pre-installed version, as it resides in the /system partition.

    Mods: I didn't want to put this post in the 'Bionic - All Things Root' sub-forum because I thought it would get more exposure in here. If it needs moved, so be it.

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  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    No worries - and I just responded to your other post, so now I know. off to root so I can remove and then install - yippee!!!

    Thanks, man!
  3. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No problem Mr. Galt. :cool:
  4. Groid

    Groid Android Enthusiast

    Just for clarification, how did you do the uninstall? I suspect you switched to the built-in keyboard, then deleted the swype.apk and then used the swype installer to get the new version. Is that about right? Did you have to re-download the installer?
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Well, it's about having to remove something stock to get to a needed item if rooted, so it does technically belong in ATR.

    But let's leave it here at your request and it'll be linked to. Sometimes we don't need to get all that "technically correct" here (almost as bad as having to be politically correct all the time :D).
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  6. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    the instructions below from the Swype forums worked on my Droid X, haven't had time to try it on my Bionic yet, but i assume it will work. root is required, and guys, there is no recovery yet so PLEASE do not delete the original files, just rename them so you can restore the original version back at a later date if needed:

    1. Change your default input method to anything other than Swype.
    2. Mount file system as R/W
    3. Delete (or move/rename) \system\app\swype.apk
    4. Delete (or move/rename) \data\dalvik-cache\system@app@Swype.apk@classes.dex
    5. Delete (or move/rename) \system\lib\libSwypeCore.so
    6. Reboot
    7. Download and Run the latest Swype Beta installer
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  7. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Be sure to pick the blue method when performing the steps above so that you can revert if need be to be able to get updates later on if we're still stuck with a locked bootloader.
  8. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yikes! I just changed my input method to the Android keyboard, then I used Titanium Backup Pro to uninstall the pre-installed version. Then I downloaded the Swype Installer from Swype and etc. and so on...
  9. Jerm13

    Jerm13 Member

    I keep getting a message that my Swype installer is out of date and it won't continue when I try to install the new version... :(

    Had the included version backed up then uninstalled with Titanium. Anyone else?
  10. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    did you download the latest installer from Swype's web site? they updated it recently...
  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Yeah, but freezing / renaming it will be better just in case we get an update (like for the camera) that won't apply unless the ROM is intact.

    See below

    Yeah, you have to download a new installer.
  12. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    Interesting, when I do these exact steps, I get a constant force close issue with the latest version of Swype. The installer won't install the actual app.

    Thankfully I did just rename, so going back to stock is easy.
  13. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    yes, very glad you wisely renamed the files instead of deleting!

    you installed version 3.25? it's still working awesome on my Droid X, did you try rebooting the phone after installing the new version?

    for anyone interested, here is the original link to the post on Swype's forums, forgot to add it to my original post.

    and for probably the third of fourth time in this thread, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE FILES ON YOUR PHONE, be wise like krouget and just rename them so you can return to stock when necessary.
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  14. hunterwrot

    hunterwrot Well-Known Member

    i got the installer and installed the latest version but i cant figure out how to get it to work. I long pressed on keyboard and input type only had multi touch keyboard. What am i doing wrong?
  15. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    Yep, attempted to install 3.25 and I did reboot a number of times. The installer installs just fine, but the actual Swype app won't for some odd reason.

    I'll probably try again when I can dedicate some attention to it, but there is no real rush. I'll take a read of the forums over there and see what I can find.

    Emphasis on this. You lose nothing by doing so. :)
  16. hustler616

    hustler616 Lurker

    Thanks so much for this.. so happy to have the beta swype back
  17. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    you have to enable it before you can use it:
    1. hit the menu button and select "settings" and then "language and keyboard"
    2. check the box next to Swype
    3. go into any text box in any app (browser, text messaging, etc.), and long press the text entry field and choose "input method"
  18. northwst

    northwst Newbie

    I cant get it to work just keeps force closing.... I may troubleshoot later.
  19. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    ok kids, so i just followed the directions i copied from the Swype forums in post #6 just up a ways. i did get several FCs while following the prompts Swype displays to enable the keyboard after installation. i then opened a text editor but Swype would not open (it was enabled and selected). i rebooted the phone, went back into settings > keyboard and set a few preferences in Swype settings, and i had one more FC. after that, everything is perfect. i can use Swype normally (i love the Swype skin and the new swipe gestures in 3.25 are nice). i can also go back into Swype settings and play around with no additional FCs. happy.

    if you are having problems, i recommend you uninstall Swype, uninstall the Swype installer, reboot, and then try again.
  20. thatguy188

    thatguy188 Android Enthusiast

    Does anybody else encounter that it seems to get stuck on "Licensing Swype. Please Wait' screen? I've been waiting for 5 15 minutes now :eek:

    Swype 3.25 English Spanish

    I realized I didn't have it removed completely before installing the beta.its fixed now and working :)

    By the way I downloaded it from here: swypemedia.swype.com/beta/installer/Swype-Installer.apk
  21. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    one thing i've noticed about the 3.25 Beta is that the keys are pretty small on the screen in portrait mode, they fill the screen width horizontally but they are not as tall as other keyboards. i suspect the beta doesn't account for the Bionic's screen resolution. anyone else notice this?

    i can't compare the portrait keyboard height to the stock version (3.21.x) pre-installed on the phone as long as i have beta 3.25 installed, but i compared it to the stock multi-touch keyboard by swapping between the two and measuring the distance.

    the beta 3.25 keyboard is 5/8 inches shorter than the stock multi-touch keyboard in portrait mode (compared at the top of the letter p for both keyboards). will someone please compare the difference in height of the stock version of swype to the multi-touch keyboard?

  22. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Stock Swype is the exact same amount shorter than the multi-touch KB.

    Screenshots to prove it: (I'm using the SSI gTassk app to show the difference, but it also exhibits in GMail, etc.)

    Stock Multi-touch KB.jpg

    Stock Swype KB.jpg
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  23. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    This thread keeps getting lost on the second page, so for now, I'm stickifying it.
  24. PhilD

    PhilD Well-Known Member

    dude, you're awesome!

    thanks very much for checking that, appreciate it
  25. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Android Enthusiast

    Darn it, I wish this was working for me.
    Not matter what combo I try Swype will FC.

    The closest I got was to use TI Backup to recover my old backup from my OG DrOID.
    But that left me with a OG DrOID sized sywpe KB on my new wider Bionic.

    Reverted back to stock without any issues.

    Any other ideas???

    I got it to work by doing the following:
    Switch to the stock KB.
    I first made a backup of the stock SWype with TI Backup.
    I then used TI Backup to convert SWype to a user app.
    Went into manage apps and uninstalled Swype.
    Ran the SWype installer, it asked for my email and pw and then let me DL the latest version.
    From there everything went like normal.
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